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Background and Significance of Diaper WeChat Marketing

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With the emergence of the Internet age, WeChat marketing, as an innovative form of corporate marketing model, has appeared in the public eye. WeChat marketing is a new marketing model based on the mandatory use of WeChat, which has the characteristics of a point-to-point innovative marketing model. Merchants can use the WeChat platform to send product information to WeChat users to achieve marketing purposes. With the rapid development of mobile terminal technology, the functions of WeChat are becoming more and more powerful and perfect, and the business opportunities contained in it are growing explosively. Nowadays, with the improvement of economic level, people's pursuit of material and spiritual life is getting higher and higher. Smartphones play a very important role in daily life, and it is not an exaggeration to describe them as necessities of life. Such an era background has also created a new business marketing model - WeChat marketing. WeChat marketing is a commodity transaction behavior generated through the WeChat social software platform. Its marketing model is based on commodity sharing, promotes products through direct communication with users, wins users' trust, stimulates purchasing interest, and thus sells products and achieves the purpose of promoting transactions. Due to these characteristics, many diaper and baby pants enterprises pay attention to WeChat, hoping that the software will bring them a considerable number of users.

1.Background of diaper WeChat marketing

According to the "2019 China Social E-commerce Industry Development Report" released by the WeChat Business Working Group of the Internet Society of China, it is estimated that the total transaction value of the social e-commerce industry in 2019 will reach 2,060.58 billion yuan, an increase of 63.2% over the same period last year. In 2019, 512 million consumers chose to consume goods through social e-commerce platforms. The scale of social e-commerce practitioners may increase to 48.01 million, an increase of 58.3% over the same period last year. o The number of social e-commerce industry players is large. The transaction volume is huge, the innovation ability is enhanced, and the development speed is much faster than that of other industries, including traditional e-commerce. It is estimated that social e-commerce will account for more than 20% of online retail in 2019, and may exceed 30% in 2020. As the main form of social e-commerce, WeChat marketing model also shows a trend of rapid expansion. With the increasing recognition and influence of WeChat marketing in social groups, it can be seen that the WeChat market is in a trend of active and vigorous development.

In addition, since 2016, China has fully liberalized the two-child policy, which on the one hand has increased the birth rate and the national population, and on the other hand has stimulated economic development, especially the maternal and child industry. Stimulated by this policy, the product demand of China's baby diaper market has increased and the development speed has accelerated. Therefore, many enterprises have begun to pay attention to the current WeChat market in full swing, trying to make a breakthrough in the development of enterprises.

2.Significance of diaper WeChat marketing

Company A Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. transformed from a traditional baby diaper manufacturer to a WeChat marketing model, began to enter the WeChat market, and penetrated rapidly. In just over two years, it has become popular in China's baby diaper market and has occupied a considerable market share. The number of product experience users has reached tens of millions, and the number of WeChat agents has reached more than 800,000.

As an enterprise marketing Baby diaper through WeChat channels, how to survive and seek development in a complex business environment? How to conduct WeChat marketing? How will many WeChat marketing businesses, such as Company A Baby diaper, gain a foothold in the market? In order to answer this series of questions, we need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the WeChat industry and the baby diaper marketing strategy of Company A to discover specific problems, and then propose targeted, constructive, and implementable marketing strategies. At the same time, it provides relevant marketing strategies for companies similar to Company A's WeChat marketing, helping many companies to better adapt to the development of the times, expand market share, and achieve healthy and orderly development of companies and industries.



WeChat Moments is a social networking platform used to record and share life, as well as a window for people to show and communicate. Nowadays, most people have the habit of reading Moments when using WeChat, so some people try to use this platform to promote and sell products and succeed, so we gradually have a famous WeChat marketing. WeChat marketing is ubiquitous. When you open WeChat, you will find that most people have WeChat practitioners in their circle of friends, and their products are also different, ranging from daily necessities, cosmetics, food to mother and baby products. However, most WeChat practitioners still rely on violent refresh. Show off wealth to get people's attention, overdraft their social circles in exchange for possible merchandise deals. This reflects real rules, strategies and high-quality WeChat marketing behavior. Therefore, it is not difficult to sell diaper and baby pants through WeChat, but how to conduct effective marketing is a problem that every business needs to consider. This reflects that there are still very few real rules, strategies and high-quality WeChat marketing practices. Therefore, it is not difficult to market through WeChat, but how to effectively conduct marketing is a problem that every business needs to consider.


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