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Cherry balls out of diapers? Give your baby childlike care


Cherry balls are a lot of memories of the post-80s and post-90s《 After 30 years, cherry balls is still popular and loved by everyone. The protagonist of the story, xiaowanzi, is an ordinary third grader in primary school. The whole animation tells xiaowanzi's daily life, family life and school life, but it is in this simple and plain life that there are moving melodies, happy stories and warm pictures, just like the lives of countless children around him, plain but sincere and touching.

Cherry meatball is not only the image of animation, but also the global debut of cherry meatball diapers derived from Japanese technology

In those years, "Cherry balls" brought joy to mothers' childhood. I hope [cherry balls] diapers can once again accompany the healthy growth of a new generation of babies. Its original intention comes from the well-known yingshubao (China) Co., Ltd. in the maternal and infant industry for several years, together with "Japan Paper Co., Ltd." after years of careful development and repeated scientific experiments, and jointly with "S.P / n.A" to create a high-end diaper brand [cherry pill] in 2019, so as to apply Japanese R & D technology and quality to China.

Provide the most comfortable diaper products for the healthy growth of the baby. The R & D team of "Japan Paper Co., Ltd." has formed a strong strategic cooperation with yingshubao product R & D center. From market research to product development, the two teams have strictly controlled every detail after thousands of data analysis and integration research.

Cherry balls diaper products are selected from the top 500 international enterprises as raw material suppliers. The strong and strong combine to treat every process and detail with the most rigorous attitude, continuously improve international competitiveness and strongly create high-end diapers most suitable for Chinese babies.


Cherry ball diapers have unique advantages to give better care to the baby

1.3d concave convex skin friendly double-layer surface

It can effectively reduce the friction with the baby's skin, protect the skin, facilitate the inhalation of loose stool, and keep the baby dry at all times.

2.360 ° soft ring waist

Non sensory close fitting design, all-round fit to the baby's waist; Elastic waistline, gentle without Le mark, baby can move more freely.

3. Super suction and large capacity

The product has a unique design of two diversion grooves, which can absorb the diversion immediately and evenly; Multi layer design, super large capacity, lock wet and do not seep back, and it is still dry overnight.

4. Double layer three-dimensional leak proof enclosure

Soft fit and double-layer three-dimensional protection effectively prevent side leakage.

5. Respiratory basement membrane

Soft cotton material, soft and breathable, can quickly discharge moisture.

6. Lovely [cherry balls] image printing

The above is the dynamic information about the cherry meatball brand shared by Xiaobian this time. If you want to know more about the brand, please pay attention to the brand network and hope to bring you help!


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