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Why Breathing Sanitary Napkins for Parties Need to Be Changed Every 3 Hours?

Now a big problem for women after pregnancy is childbirth, followed by long-term rest. After delivery, you need to often replace breathable sanitary napkins, which is not only prone to some problems after delivery, but also troublesome for subsequent treatment.

I believe some female friends who haven't given birth don't understand why they need to change breathable sanitary napkins so urgently after childbirth? Will it bleed all the time? In fact, it's not. It's just bleeding. It's more for your body. Therefore, you need to select a special postpartum sanitary napkins and replace it every few hours.

1.Why does the breathing sanitary napkins for parties need to be changed every three hours?

  • It is easy to bleed 24 hours after delivery and needs to be paid attention to at all times.

In fact, it's just a metaphor, but the actual situation is not much worse. It is easy to bleed within 24 hours postpartum, especially within 2 hours postpartum. Due to the tear of delivery wound, the amount of bleeding is the largest. During this period, pregnant women need to stay in the delivery room for monitoring, so as not to prevent accidents such as postpartum hemorrhage from being treated in time.

Usually, the amount of bleeding will gradually decrease after 24 hours, but then postpartum hemorrhage will gradually turn into blood type lochia, including blood and bacteria. For such body fluid discharge, it is necessary to prepare special postpartum sanitary napkins to absorb body fluid.

  • Lochia continues 4 ~ 6 weeks postpartum and can be replaced at any time.

Pregnant women will have lochia with large emissions within 4 ~ 6 weeks postpartum, and it will be divided into three different stages. However, at any stage, the emission is large and contains a large number of bacteria. During this period of time, mothers need to replace sanitary napkins, which is not only inconvenient, but also if the sanitary napkins can not carry too much lochia, it is likely to leak laterally, which is a kind of torture to the body and mind of pregnant women.


2.Why choose a dedicated breathing sanitary napkins for parties?

  • Avoid excessive pain

No matter the material, texture, softness and other factors, ordinary breathable sanitary napkins cannot be compared with postpartum sanitary napkins specially prepared for pregnant women. Considering the special situation of pregnant women after delivery, their perception of pain will also increase. Any friction and scraping may bring enlarged pain to pregnant women. The special maternity style is usually made of cotton material, which is very soft and comfortable. It will not bring any additional pain to the maternity and minimize the pain of the maternity.


  • Avoid bacterial infection

Ordinary sanitary napkins contain additives and whitening agents. These chemical additives have great stimulation to the body after delivery. Due to the weak and sensitive constitution of pregnant women after delivery, they are easy to be allergic or infected with some bacteria. In addition, there are a lot of bacteria in lochia discharge. If pregnant women cannot replace sanitary napkins in time, or insufficient water absorption leads to side leakage, bacteria stay in private places, which is easy to lead to bacterial infection and affect pregnant women's body.



In short, pregnant women will work hard after delivery, and their physical recuperation needs more careful investment during this period. When choosing breathable sanitary napkins, pregnant women should pay more attention to their physical and mental health.


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