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Under the logic of the top ten selections, the big yellow duck has the confidence and confidence to break through the red sea of diapers


Diapers, as a core category for mothers and infants that used to be as famous as milk powder, after a bloody fight in the past two years, the market seems to be a little depressed. When we visited the markets in Shanxi, Fujian, Guizhou and other provinces, we saw a lot of them. The diapers in the store only occupy a corner, and even give way to sub-categories such as cotton products, washing and nursing, and large items for babies and children.

Can diapers still "fire" in offline stores? When we communicated with a channel chain boss recently, the answer was unexpected: "This year, the proportion of diapers in mother and baby stores is increasing. In our stores, not only the popularity of diapers has gradually increased, but the sales have also doubled."

On closer inspection, the reason behind this is directly related to the brand. It is true that the time has come to test the comprehensive strength and determination of diaper brand manufacturers. Only by truly serving the market and being responsible for consumers and channel partners can we seize the opportunity to reverse the trend in the new round of competition.



Directly attacking the pain points of the channel, the big yellow duck proposed the "top ten selection logic of diapers"


From "everyone makes diapers" to the big reshuffle of the industry, diapers have long been on the cusp of the red sea of ​​competition, the growth of some top brands has stagnated, and the mid-waist brands have been caught in the quagmire of price wars, and there are even strong players in every region. It is even more difficult for a brand to break out of the "local snake". But in many dealers and terminal stores, the big yellow duck is an exception. Whether it is the hard power of products, the popularity of big IP, or innovative marketing promotion, offline sales play, they are all highly recognized and praised by the channel. After 9 years of deep cultivation in the diaper market, Big Yellow Duck has always attached great importance to the mother-infant channel and joined hands with the channel to develop together. In this process, a systematic and sustainable win-win strategy has also been formed.

In the recent live broadcast of the #MotherBabyObservation# video number, Mr. Feng Liang, general manager of Big Yellow Duck, put forward the logic of the top ten selections of diapers, from looking at the supply chain, looking at the positioning, looking at the team, looking at the model, looking at the price plate, looking at the structure of the product, looking at the The ten dimensions of quality control, details, after-sales and price control directly hit the pain points of the industry, and sincerely shared the way of diaper business growth that brands and channels have reached a consensus after years of cooperation.

First of all, let’s talk about the security role of the supply chain. Since 2020, the upstream raw material crisis caused by many turbulent factors such as the epidemic, war, and international logistics has really taught every diaper practitioner a lesson. Some small and medium-sized brands that are not strong enough have fallen one after another. . In this case, can production continue and prices stabilize? Brands keep these two points in order to allow channel partners to take less risk.

When talking about products, Feng Liang said that price, product structure, quality control, after-sales, and details must be taken into account. The era of low prices for diapers will eventually pass, and price is related to value. From the perspective of store demand, brands must not only achieve accurate pricing but also maintain price stability. At the same time, in the current competitive environment, the more products the store chooses, the better, and it may be more beneficial to do subtraction in special periods. Therefore, Big Yellow Duck pays attention to the combination of main and auxiliary products to form differentiation in product structure, and uses the advantages of each single product to satisfy different groups. demand. On the quality side, each batch of Rhubarb Duck products must be self-inspected when it leaves the factory, and a third-party agency must conduct random inspections every quarter, and attach great importance to after-sales, purchase product insurance, and unconditionally solve quality problems. Behind this, Big Yellow Duck has achieved the ultimate in in-depth polishing of product details and continuous consumer communication.

In general, brands and channels are both two-way choices and two-way achievements. In Feng Liang's view, the brand's long-term positioning, team strength, business model and stable pricing are of great significance to any party in the business chain, and these are also long-term channel dealers to consider when selecting products things within.

Undoubtedly, the more competitive the reshuffle period, the more responsible the brand side is for the channel and consumers. When the tide recedes, it is only possible to see who is the most trusted partner of the channel. When we visited offline channels in the past year, many mother and baby stores expressed their confidence in diapers. When talking about what kind of diaper brands can be made in stores, the channel gave three indicators: "First, the strength of the manufacturer, It has a complete supply chain, technological innovation, and unique selling points; secondly, the manufacturer has a strong sense of service, from the sales strategy, the executive team to the control of goods and prices, after-sales service and other aspects; thirdly, marketing is well done, consumption People come here because of the name, and buy it when they see it." Now it seems that the logic of the top ten selections of diapers proposed by Big Yellow Duck coincides with the ideas and needs of the channel.



Deeply cultivate the market and comprehensively consolidate comprehensive strength to break through against the trend


With the development of the diaper market up to now, there is still a common view in the cognition of many people: "diapers have no brand loyalty". But in fact, whether it is consumers or channels, there is a steel scale in the heart. If it can be recognized for a long time among thousands of brands, it must be a reflection of the comprehensive strength of the brand.

Back in 2013, the cartoon image of "Big Yellow Duck" became famous in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour and Beijing Summer Palace. Big Yellow Duck Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. has a very forward-looking vision and joined hands with "Big Yellow Duck" IP to launch high-end baby diapers, which quickly opened. market.

Up to now, Rhubarb Duck diapers have developed into an enterprise group integrating brand management, independent factories, independent research and development and sales. The perfect supply chain system shows its value in special times. Many stores have reported that even during the epidemic, Rhubarb Duck can guarantee continuous supply and no price increase; the product matrix is ​​not much, and the two major brands, Rhubarb Duck and Pink Cat, have distinct main and auxiliary brands, covering The mid-to-high-end price range meets the needs of channel selection; the brand continues to innovate, focusing on developing functional and patented differentiated formulas, such as weak acid and hypoallergenic series, purslane anti-red buttocks series, etc., professionally guarding the health of baby's ass .

In terms of brand building, Rhubarb Duck has a clear positioning and is committed to being a long-term brand; the "Rhubarb Duck" IP is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has captured thousands of die-hard fans. By combining the IP effect with product marketing, Rhubarb Duck diapers continue to enhance brand awareness and reputation. , products are entering more and more families. At the same time, Big Yellow Duck has made great efforts to build its brand power. It has continued to promote new media resources with high activity of female users such as Xiaohongshu and Meiyou, and invited celebrity endorsements to expand its brand influence and radiate to a wider user circle.

Over the years, Big Yellow Duck has always placed channel partners in an important position. From the upper-level strategy to the implementation of actions, it has planned and vigorously supported channels throughout the year. The combination of online digital tools and offline activities allows marketing to truly boost sales. Realizing the double-effect breakthrough of brand sales and volume, it also brings real performance growth to the store.



It is worth mentioning that in the past two years, with the decline in the birth rate, the entry rate of stores has also declined, and offline retail business for mothers and babies has become more and more difficult to do. Big Yellow Duck has accurate insight into channel difficulties and constantly explores innovative ways to play. Through live broadcast + community + local push + carnival and other series of landing activities to help stores attract new purchases, organize and carry out "Yellow Storm", "618 Duck Fan Festival" and "Double Eleven Duck" covering stores nationwide at major marketing nodes throughout the year "Fantasy Festival" and other dynamic sales activities, linked online and offline to achieve high-energy blasting, with remarkable results.

Returning to the industry perspective, China's offline market is scattered and complex, and it takes a process for brands to gradually occupy and penetrate. Especially since 2020, the disappearance of demographic dividends, upstream raw material prices, brand price wars and other internal and external factors have gradually emerged. The impact on the diaper industry, Brands and channels are facing greater challenges, and it is particularly important for both parties to work together to tap the incremental market. As Mr. Feng Liang said, "Big Yellow Duck has always adhered to the responsibility-oriented and sustainable-oriented orientation, insisted on being a good self, and always has a clear conscience for channel partners, internal employees, and consumers." I believe that in the new stage In the competition of the big yellow duck, it will also join hands with more peers and go longer.


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