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Correct Use of Ordinary Sanitary Napkins

# Sanitary Napkins

During the menstrual period, the skin of sensitive parts is most vulnerable to damage. The survey shows that 73% of women feel local skin itching and burning pain during menstruation. This is mostly caused by the use of airtight ordinary sanitary napkins. Therefore, it is very important to use ordinary sanitary napkins scientifically in order to pass the menstrual period comfortably.

Wrong demonstration of using ordinary sanitary napkins

(1) Do not wash hands before use. The process of dismantling, opening, smoothing and pasting by hand will bring a large number of bacteria to the sanitary napkin.

(2) Put it in the bathroom. Most bathrooms in China are dark bathroom, which is not sunny and humid all day. It is easy to breed mold and pollute products.

(3) Regardless of the shelf life, buy many bags at one time. In fact, the sanitary requirements of sanitary napkins are very strict. The closer to the production date, the more guaranteed the quality.

(4) Purchase promotional products. Generally speaking, promotional products and gifts are often unsalable products sold by merchants, such as more economical materials, looser testing and longer inventory time, which is difficult to ensure product quality.

(5) Be the "new product experimenter" of the manufacturer. New brands, new varieties, new fabrics and new concepts are flying all over the world. Coupled with promotion, they often lead to impulsive consumption. For example, the popular dry and cool net surface, many people with allergic constitution will have redness, swelling and itching after use. Reliable manufacturers, reliable stores, good reputation and personal experience are the most basic principles of purchase.

(6) Replacement is not frequent enough. The monthly consumption of sanitary napkins for Chinese women is significantly lower than that of women in Europe, the United States and Japan. It is not advisable to pay for health expenses due to savings.

(7) Blindly pursuing a large amount of absorption and being lazy to replace sanitary napkins is very wrong, which will lead to the breeding of bacteria.

Pay attention to the selection of ordinary sanitary napkins

Today, when sanitary napkins are widely used, few people think that they are also unsanitary and bring trouble. The use of sterile sanitary napkins is the guarantee of menstrual health. The following points should be paid attention to:

When purchasing, women must take aseptic hygiene as the principle, read the production and use instructions carefully, and understand the control of health indicators, so as to facilitate safety and cleanliness.

Don't stick to a certain brand and ignore the health index. In addition, there must be a sign of qualified use, so that such products can be purchased at ease.


Method of storing ordinary sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins should be stored in a dry and sterile environment and have a certain period of validity. If stored in a humid place for a long time, it will deteriorate and pollute even if it is not unpacked. Generally speaking, sanitary napkins are made of fiber materials. After moisture, the material deteriorates and bacteria are easy to invade and reproduce. After all, the validity period of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited. If the time limit is exceeded, sterility cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when using, we should pay attention to the period of validity. We should not buy too much at one time, and it is not suitable for long-term storage at home. After disassembly, it should be placed in a dry, clean and sterile environment. It should not be used after expiration.

A woman needs about 15000 ordinary sanitary napkins in her life. Environmental protection experts tell us that waste belongs to non recyclable waste. I hope you can pay attention to environmental protection while using sanitary napkins healthily.


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