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TUOTUO is a baby diaper worthy of a mother's trust


Light luxury is a way of pursuing quality life. Light luxury has nothing to do with wealth and status. Light luxury represents impeccable quality of life in details. Luxurious but not extravagant, simple and fashionable, is the consumption style that young people like today. TUOTUO baby diapers originate from the United Kingdom, with its own British aristocratic style, the main "light luxury, new fashion" style, as well as the pursuit of excellence in quality, which fully caters to the consumer needs of post-90s mothers. Therefore, TUOTUO baby diapers have been launched since their launch. Sales all the way Changhong.



The secret to success of TUOTUO baby diapers


TUOTUO baby diapers signed a contract with popular film and television star Du Ruoxi as a brand ambassador. In addition, TUOTUO baby diapers have unique quality, excellent experience, and full of luxury style. Now they have become a well-known domestic Internet celebrity diaper brand. Gan, Qing, Ning, Xin) have become the leading brands in the baby diaper industry. According to Maternal and Infant Vision, a senior media in the maternal and infant industry, TUOTUO baby diapers will rank in the top three in the sales rankings of baby diapers in the five northwestern provinces in 2021. In the first quarter of 2022, the sales of TUOTUO baby diapers have increased significantly year-on-year. The reason why the sales of TUOTUO baby diapers have been able to grow all the way is inseparable from the ingenious quality pursued by TUOTUO baby diapers.

TUOTUO baby diapers have been pursuing ingenious quality, pursuing the concept of natural, healthy and fashionable, and are committed to providing safe and comfortable diapers for babies. TUOTUO platinum baby diapers use ink-free printing and dyeing technology on the packaging material, which is extremely simple and ensures the safety of the baby's experience. TUOTUO platinum baby diaper surface layer, using hot air skin-friendly surface layer, enhance air circulation, better ventilation and softness, more than 20 million air vents for bidirectional ventilation, drive away the sultry heat, drain away moisture, keep the little butt dry, baby Comfortable. The core of TUOTUO platinum baby diapers adopts Japan's Sumitomo + three major water absorption factors, and adopts the golden rule 1:1 ratio to achieve double protection of the absorption effect. Japan's Sumitomo water absorption factor, massive instant absorption, 35 seconds of water absorption to reach a saturation of 1000ml. Japan's three major water locking factors double lock water, lock urine firmly, dry for more than 10 hours, no reverse osmosis, no lumps, and continuous layers.

TUOTUO platinum baby diapers use a 4.5cm ultra-high three-dimensional guard and leak-proof partition, which can easily prevent side leakage and rear leakage. The TUOTUO platinum baby diaper is cut, with an ergonomically designed stretch ratio of the rubber bands between the sides, and three rubber bands rarely used in the industry for the sides, double water repellency, easy leak-proof and leg-free, satisfying every baby's free and easy Naturally, let the baby play freely without leaking urine.



Because of trust, so entrusted! Because mothers believe in the ingenious quality of TUOTUO baby diapers, they entrust their baby's little butt to TUOTUO baby diapers. TUOTUO baby diapers take care of the healthy growth of the baby, satisfy the baby's love-moving nature, and let the baby be free and unfettered. TUOTUO baby diapers use ingenious quality to bring a safer and more comfortable nursing experience to the baby, and will definitely live up to the love and trust of every mother.




TUOTUO baby diapers originated from the United Kingdom, and Xiamen Meiyoubao Import and Export Co., Ltd. is responsible for the total sales in the Greater China region. Since entering China, it has quickly spread to major KA stores and large maternal and child chains, and is widely favored by young mothers. According to Maternal and Infant Vision, a senior media in the maternal and infant industry, the British Detaching Maternal and Infant Products Company is a multinational company focusing on the research and development, production and sales of maternal and infant care. It owns baby diapers, baby wipes, baby wipes, Baby cotton pads, baby shampoo, baby shower gel and a series of maternal and infant care products such as women's sanitary napkins, maternal and infant shampoo, body wash, facial care products, etc. TUOTUO has branches in Bristol, England, Hamburg, Germany, Seville, Spain, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Montreal, Australia. The series of maternal and child care products are sold simultaneously in many countries and regions around the world.


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