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What Are the Functions and Effects of Negative Ion Chip Sanitary Napkin?

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On the market, sanitary napkins are not only in various styles, but also sanitary napkin chip. Negative ion chip sanitary napkin is one of them. Negative ions are called "air vitamins" in the medical community. What are their main functions?

What is negative ion chip sanitary napkin?

What is a negative ion? According to the theory adopted by the atmospheric Joint Committee of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, the molecular formula of air anion is O2 - (H2O) n, or Oh - (H2O) n, or Co4 - (H2O) n. Air negative ions with environmental protection function mainly refer to the first two small molecular negative ions. In short, it refers to negatively charged oxygen ions, colorless and tasteless. Air is made up of countless molecules and atoms. Negative ion sanitary napkin refers to clamping the negative ion chip in the sanitary napkin. Under certain temperature, humidity and friction, negative ion chip sanitary napkin can emit high concentration of negative ions, achieve the effects of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and deodorization through pure physical technology, and play a positive role in women's physiological health.

Functions of negative ion chip sanitary napkin.

  •  Impact on the nervous system. It can enhance the function of cerebral cortex and mental activity, improve work efficiency and improve sleep quality. Negative ions can also strengthen the oxidation process of brain tissue and make brain tissue obtain more oxygen.


  • Impact on the cardiovascular system. According to the observation of scholars, negative ions can significantly expand blood vessels, alleviate arterial spasm and achieve the purpose of reducing blood pressure. Negative ions also have great benefits for improving cardiac function and myocardial nutrition, and are conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


  • Impact on the blood system. Studies have confirmed that negative ions can slow down the blood coagulation flow, prolong the coagulation time, increase the oxygen content in the blood, and promote the transmission, absorption and utilization of blood oxygen.


  • Negative ions have the most obvious effect on the respiratory system. This is because negative ions enter the human body through the respiratory tract, which can improve people's vital capacity. It was tested that inhaling negative air ions in a glass mask for 30 minutes can increase lung oxygen by 20%, while carbon dioxide emission can increase by 14.5%. Therefore, negative ions can improve and increase lung function. In addition, air negative ions have the effects of sedation and hypnosis. If we inhale an appropriate amount of negative ions every day and persevere, it will be of great benefit to health: make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, and improve work efficiency. Improve sleep and eliminate neurasthenia. Reduce the disease incidence rate and prevent colds and respiratory diseases. Improve the symptoms of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Under the action of negative ions, it can increase the excitability of bones, reduce the time value of exercise, and help athletes improve their performance, especially sprint, swimming and other projects that need rapid response.


  • It can release free oxygen, which makes some anaerobic bacteria unable to reproduce and survive on negative ion chip, and plays an antibacterial and bactericidal role.


  • Negative ion chip sanitary napkin is an organic combination of active oxygen and negative ions, which can effectively improve the oxygen content in the body. It has pure physical effects, no drugs or chemical components, no toxic and side effects, and makes women have an independent, healthy and comfortable physiological environment.

Negative ion chip sanitary napkin looks advanced and has many functions, but female friends need to choose their own suitable sanitary napkin chip products in combination with their own conditions.


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