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Market Positioning of Diaper Products

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Different brands of diapers and baby underwear in the market will have different prices and positioning groups. Before entering this industry, each enterprise must first find the market positioning of its products, so as to serve the positioning group more targeted, reduce competitors and make effective use of resources. Taking company a as an example, this paper briefly provides some suggestions for some chaotic enterprises.

Product positioning of diapers

Product positioning can create product features that meet consumers' needs according to consumers' preferences, so as to attract consumers to buy. Company A's baby diapers mainly promote the design concept of 36.8°C feeling the same as the skin, so that babies can feel breathable and comfortable even wearing the products.

In terms of packaging, company a overturned people's stereotype of diapers, abandoned the fancy design style, and adopted the plain white background color as the background color. In addition, the rabbit cartoon image independently designed by company a has distinctive brand characteristics and high recognition. In appearance, it caters to the aesthetic concept of contemporary people and wins the favor of young parents.

In terms of materials, all materials have been strictly selected, basically from the world's top 500 enterprises, and it is advocated not to increase safety and health. Because many mothers become extremely insecure after giving birth to children and worry that baby products are harmful to their health. Therefore, the production materials of company a's baby products adhere to the standard of safety and comfort, and the raw materials used do not contain any essence, pigment, fluorescent agent and other additives harmful to the baby's skin. It is the first brand developed according to the level of food and drugs in China. The product has passed the certification of many international top authorities, including the safety certification of EU CE children's products, the certification of FDA food and drug administration, the international testing certification of SGS general notary Bank of Switzerland, and iso1093-10 skin irritation and allergy test. These tests are authoritative as a general test standard for high-end diapers. Therefore, company a has established a brand image of high quality and material safety in the market.

Enterprise positioning of diapers

Enterprise positioning refers to the channels for enterprises to shape enterprise image, publicize brand culture, improve product quality and consumer shopping experience, and improve consumers' favor for enterprises. Facing the medium and high-end diaper market, company A puts forward high requirements for product quality and appearance, aiming to build a domestic well-known brand. Brand is an important symbol to judge the comprehensive development level of an enterprise. It is the comprehensive expression of enterprise cohesion, creativity, goodwill, scientific and technological strength and economic strength. A good corporate brand image is conducive to improving popularity, product sales, market share and competitive advantage.

From the current market share of Chinese diapers and baby underwear, foreign well-known brands still occupy advantages and win the pursuit and trust of mothers. Therefore, if domestic product manufacturers want to change the current situation and seek breakthroughs, they must create their own product features and highlights, improve popularity, and then expand market share to make the brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


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