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The Application Range of Chlorlon


Chlorlon is the name of polyvinyl chloride fiber in China. It is a synthetic fiber made of polyvinyl chloride or its copolymers.

Applications of chlorine spandex

The range of applications for chlorine fiber fabrics is limited by heat resistance and is mainly focused on decorative and industrial fabrics. It can be made into a variety of knitted fabrics. Synthetic leather. Workwear. Blankets. Filter fabrics. Rope. Tents, etc. Chlorinated fibers are commonly used to make flame-resistant sofa cloths. Mattress fabrics and other upholstery fabrics, chemical resistant work clothes. Filter cloth. and insulation flocculent cotton lining materials, etc. The dust mask made of chlorinated fiber is about 60% higher than cotton mask.

Fabric varieties of chlorine spandex fiber

There are not many varieties of chlorine spandex fabrics used in garments, mainly including chlorine/wool plaid velvet, viscose/chlorine flannel, chlorine/rich flat cloth, etc.

  1. chlorine/wool check velvet uses chlorine fiber heated shrinkage and heated non-shrinkage wool knitting, so that the wool protrudes from the surface to get striped check velvet. This fabric is soft to the touch and has a beautiful appearance, and is an excellent material for decorative materials such as curtains and drapes, and can also be used as a fabric for evening dresses.
  2. Viscose/chlorine velvet fabric is blended with 70% viscose and 30% chlorine fiber into yarn. The woven fleece has the feature of being afraid of heat and not flammable, and can be used as interior decoration fabric and underwear for elderly children.
  3. Chlorine / rich flat cloth chlorine 1:1 ratio of chlorine fiber and rich fiber blended into its fabric performance is very similar to viscose / chlorine flannel, can be used as furniture coverings.

The use of chlorine spandex is people's personal clothing is more non-flammable, safer, more comfortable, and more diverse. The advent of polyvinyl chloride fibers has dramatically changed the diversity of people's clothing.


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