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Maintenance Method of Sanitary Pads Machine

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, the level of mechanized equipment in enterprises has been continuously improved, and the number and quantity of mechanized equipment in enterprises have increased, which not only greatly improves the work efficiency, but also effectively solves the work that cannot be completed by manpower, and plays an important role in improving the economic benefits of enterprises. However, with the continuous improvement of the mechanization level of enterprises, the cost of mechanical maintenance is also increasing, which actually increases the cost of enterprises. Therefore, how to reduce the failure rate of sanitary pads machine and improve the economic benefits of the equipment is particularly important. The following is a specific analysis of how to do a good job in the daily maintenance of sanitary pads equipment and reduce the failure rate.



1.Strengthen the daily management of sanitary pads machine

During the use of sanitary pads machine, the principles of fixed machine, fixed person and fixed post shall be implemented, the post responsibility system shall be formulated, and the specific operation procedures of the machine shall be specified in detail. The personnel operating the machine need to have professional operation qualification certificates, and do a good job of pre job training to understand the performance and operation principle of the machine in detail, so as to effectively avoid mechanical accidents caused by poor operation.


2.Strengthen the daily supervision of sanitary pads machine

Various sanitary pads machines have established files, including daily maintenance records, replacement records, daily work contents, use, etc. The person in charge of machine management shall regularly check the maintenance of equipment by mechanical operators and solve problems in time. When using the equipment, in addition to the reasonable use according to the equipment use management regulations, attention should also be paid to the management of products related to mechanical operation, such as paying attention to the quality of lubricating oil and diesel oil, and selecting the shelf life of suitable machine, high-quality lubricating oil and diesel oil, which can make it operate more stably, accurately, sensitively and reliably, reduce faults and improve work efficiency.

Maintenance personnel and equipment operators shall jointly carry out patrol inspection, regular maintenance, planned maintenance and troubleshooting of sanitary pads machine, and be responsible for completing the equipment integrity and fault shutdown rate in the management area. Earnestly implement the system of regular spot inspection and regional patrol inspection of equipment, guide and urge operators to do well in daily maintenance and regular self inspection.


3.Maintenance method of sanitary pads machine

At present, most enterprises in China put the maximization of interests in the first place of enterprise production. Therefore, in the process of enterprise production, the blind emphasis on the improvement of work efficiency, the neglect of equipment maintenance, and the wrong concept of emphasizing efficiency over maintenance lead to machine failure to a great extent. Sanitary pads machine runs for a long time in the production process, so it is difficult to avoid various accidents. Therefore, in the process of use, if problems are found, they should be maintained in time and should not get sick, which will not only affect the normal use of the equipment, but also bury the hidden dangers of production safety.


Therefore, it is necessary to further strengthen the on-site management of sanitary pads machine, establish a perfect equipment management system, continuously improve the equipment management level, and ensure the coordination and orderly communication of equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance. Avoid consumption. Reduce equipment operation cost.


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