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Maintenance Method of Three-piece Sanitary Napkin Machine

After long-term use, many parts and vulnerable parts have varying degrees of wear and damage, which reduces the working performance and production efficiency of the equipment. Part wear will directly lead to machining size, part deviation or scrapping. Failure to replace vulnerable parts will lead to abnormal operation of the equipment, cause greater damage to parts, and lead to the overall scrapping of three-piece sanitary napkin machine.



1.Post maintenance of three-piece sanitary napkin machine

Post maintenance, also known as fault maintenance, refers to the maintenance after shutdown caused by three-piece sanitary napkin machine failure or damage. It is the most backward maintenance method for the purpose of repairing the original function.

The following conditions:

① equipment failure, but does not affect the safety of assembly and system.

② Occasional failure, unclear rules.

③ Although the vulnerable parts are damaged, it is more economical to repair afterwards.


2.Regular maintenance of three-piece sanitary napkin machine

Regular maintenance, also known as planned maintenance, takes the service time as the maintenance period. As long as it is used to the predetermined time, the specified maintenance will be carried out regardless of the equipment status. The advantage of regular maintenance is that it is easy to master the maintenance time, make maintenance plan and organize management, and has good three-piece sanitary napkin machine fault prevention effect.


3.Improved design and maintenance of three-piece sanitary napkin machine

three-piece sanitary napkin machine has too many faults, which is not suitable for the processing needs of special parts in enterprises. At the same time, the cost of repairing or replacing parts is high, the cost of spare parts is high, and the cost of shutdown is high. Improving design and maintenance is the best way.


4.Maintenance process of three-piece sanitary napkin machine

① Overhaul is to disassemble three-piece sanitary napkin equipment, repair all worn parts, completely eliminate defects, restore the original accuracy, performance and efficiency of the equipment, and meet the factory standard.

② Intermediate maintenance refers to dismantling, maintaining or replacing the main parts and reference parts of the equipment, checking the whole mechanical system and tightening all body parts to ensure that the equipment can meet and restore the due standards and technical requirements.

③ Minor repair refers to the wearing parts with fast wear or service life less than the maintenance period. Adjust the local structure of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can operate normally to the planned maintenance time.


Therefore, make preparations for three-piece sanitary napkin machine maintenance items, form a maintenance work order within the specified period or date according to the maintenance plan, and record the maintenance work in detail after maintenance.


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