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What Are the Repair and Maintenance Measures for Panty Liner Machine

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Panty liner machine maintenance is the basic work of equipment maintenance, which must be institutionalized and standardized. For regular maintenance of equipment, work quota and material consumption quota shall be formulated and evaluated according to the quota. Panty liner equipment shall be maintained regularly.



1.Strengthen the daily inspection of panty liner machine

Routine inspection is the basis of equipment maintenance. In order to ensure that the maintenance of mechanical equipment meets the needs of production, the daily maintenance work shall be standardized and institutionalized. Adjust, clean and maintain all parts of mechanical equipment in strict accordance with equipment maintenance specifications to ensure the unity of maintenance contents. For different mechanical equipment, different maintenance process procedures need to be formulated and maintained in strict accordance with the regulations.

In the daily inspection, it is also necessary to fully consider different working conditions, specify different maintenance time and strictly implement it, so as to ensure that the mechanical equipment can find problems in time and maintain them in time to avoid greater losses.


2.Strictly implement the panty liner machine repair and maintenance system

The regular maintenance and routine maintenance of panty liner machine are directly related to the work of mechanical equipment. Therefore, the project needs to strictly implement the maintenance system of mechanical equipment and adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to maintenance and focusing on prevention. For similar mechanical equipment, the project needs to arrange equipment maintenance rules and clarify responsibilities, so as to lay a foundation for the maintenance of various mechanical equipment and ensure the standardized maintenance of mechanical equipment. The project needs to appoint a special person in charge, set up a maintenance organization, supervise the implementation of the factory mechanical equipment maintenance system, ensure that the mechanical equipment can find and solve problems as soon as possible, ensure the normal operation of the mechanical equipment, improve the production efficiency of the mechanical equipment and create greater economic benefits.


3.Improve the technical level of panty liner machine maintenance personnel

On the basis of being familiar with the equipment manual, the maintenance personnel need to deeply understand the performance and work of the equipment, and regularly train the maintenance personnel according to the actual situation of the project, so as to further improve the technical level of the maintenance personnel from theory to practice. The project also needs to establish a corresponding assessment system to assess the trainees, reward excellent personnel, stimulate the enthusiasm of maintenance personnel and further improve the technical level of maintenance personnel.


To sum up, good panty liner machine production equipment, coupled with correct maintenance, can improve the service life of production equipment.


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