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Analysis on Daily Maintenance of Breathable Sanitary Napkin Machine

Various problems will occur in the working process of breathable sanitary napkin machine, which requires us to do a good job in maintenance. Only in this way can machinery give full play to its best performance, steadily improve productivity and reflect its maximum value. The following is the maintenance experience of breathable sanitary napkin equipment.



1.Repair and maintenance of breathable sanitarynapkin machine

With the continuous improvement of the mechanization level of industrial production and the increasing number of mechanical equipment applications, the maintenance cost of breathable sanitary napkin machine is rising. Insufficient understanding and implementation of mechanical equipment maintenance management, imperfect mechanical equipment management system, inefficient and reasonable mechanical maintenance plan, overstock and waste of maintenance parts, high maintenance cost and low efficiency of machinery.

Secondly, although the maintenance, maintenance and procurement system related to breathable sanitary napkin machine has been established, there is no specific detailed, quantitative, fuzzy responsibility and ineffective implementation; The professional quality of machinery management personnel, maintenance personnel and procurement personnel is low; Machinery management personnel failed to strengthen the supervision of maintenance links. When purchasing and processing accessories, wrongly buy, buy more or buy products with high quality and low price. The processing cannot be completed at one time, which leads to secondary procurement and re processing and increases the cost. Maintenance personnel have a weak sense of responsibility and serious material waste, which increases the cost of human and material resources. Finally, the upgrading speed of breathable sanitary napkin machine is slow, and it needs to continue to use scrapped machinery and worn-out machinery, which greatly improves the mechanical failure rate and leads to the increase of maintenance cost.


2.Maintenance method of breathable sanitary napkin machine

After the failure of breathable sanitary napkin machine, its maintenance method is mainly to make it operate normally through adjustment, maintenance and other methods. The main methods are as follows:

(1) Adjustment method

The main reason for the failure of breathable sanitary napkin machine is that the parts are loose and the original fit clearance is too large or too small. At this time, the bolt tightness and gasket thickness can be adjusted to adjust and restore the matching relationship of the original accessories: however, during the maintenance process, the relevant accessories are not processed, and the original matching clearance or relevant standards can be restored only through various ways.

(2) Repair dimension method

When repairing some more valuable mechanical parts, the geometric shape can be restored to the greatest extent after machining, but some may become smaller and form new dimensions in the repair process; At this time, it is necessary to replace the corresponding accessories or processing to make the fitting clearance of the accessories completely return to the initial clearance state.

(3) Supplementary parts method

The supplementary parts method is applicable to the reprocessing and opening of relevant parts of accessories; In combination with the maintenance dimension method, one of the parts shall be reasonably expanded or reduced, and then the accessories of the same quality or material shall be supplemented: overpressure or welded to the original parts, and then plastic surgery shall be processed until the matching parts are matched, so that the final matching performance can meet the original standard.


3.Maintenance of breathable sanitarynapkin machine

Reasonably determine the maintenance cycle of breathable sanitary napkin machine and improve the maintenance system. Implement the policy of paying equal attention to maintenance and prevention, take regular maintenance, inspection and maintenance measures, and implement them in accordance with the maintenance procedures at all levels. Low level maintenance is carried out by operators, and high-level maintenance is carried out by maintenance personnel and mechanical operation. Only good maintenance can reduce the failure rate of machinery, reduce the maintenance cost and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Strengthen the technical management of mechanical equipment maintenance, which has the characteristics of strong seasonality, scattered construction mobility and poor working environment. According to these characteristics of the equipment, strengthening the maintenance and timely maintenance of mechanical equipment is the main content of strengthening its technical management. Carefully repair and ensure that the equipment is repaired in time. In equipment maintenance, highly skilled and experienced maintenance personnel shall be equipped to highlight prevention, pertinence and effectiveness.


Therefore, in the management activities, we must timely solve the problems in equipment management and strengthen the management of breathable sanitary napkin machine. Only in this way can we give full play to the efficiency of mechanical equipment and ensure the orderly operation of machinery.


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