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Jiang Huashu, president of China's maternal and child industry, pointed out that domestic baby diaper brands are on the rise


The China Maternal and Infant Industry Committee aims to revitalize the rise of national brands. President Jiang Huashu has repeatedly emphasized in public that the quality of domestic maternity and infant products will not lose to international big brands, especially domestic baby diaper brands are on the rise! At present, domestic baby diaper brands are on the rise in the domestic baby diaper market!



Although foreign baby diaper brands have advantages in terms of financial strength, R&D production, and advertising investment, and control the majority of the domestic baby diaper market, domestic small and medium-sized baby diaper manufacturers have been precipitation for nearly two decades. Diaper manufacturers are on the rise, and domestic baby diaper brands are also on the rise! Representatives of domestic top baby diaper manufacturers, such as Yiying diapers from Jiahua Company in Quanzhou, Fujian, Comfortable Baby diapers from Yusheng Enterprise in Foshan, Guangdong, mothers' diapers from Tianzheng Paper in Dongguan, Guangdong, and Hope Baby diapers from Hangzhou Haoyue Company in Zhejiang , Zhejiang Hangzhou Qianzhiya's celebrity baby diapers, Hunan Shuangran company's Shuangjie diapers, etc., in terms of production technology, product quality, and after-sales guarantee, they are completely as good as international big brand baby diapers!

At present, domestic baby diaper manufacturers are mainly based in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Hunan provinces. There are more than 3,000 domestic brands in the domestic baby diaper market. The following is an analysis of the current situation of the domestic baby diaper market.


Huge market space


The frequency of use of baby diapers in China is relatively low. Chinese mothers change their babies too few diapers every day. The normal changing situation is that, taking L size baby diapers as an example, it needs to be changed about 5-7 times a day. However, most domestic diapers are changed. Chinese mothers only change their babies about 3-4 times. In terms of the replacement frequency of baby diapers, we are still far from developed countries. There is still a certain increase in the baby diaper market. This is also an important reason why many domestic and foreign diaper brand manufacturers are optimistic about the domestic baby diaper market. Another reason why domestic and foreign diaper brand manufacturers value the domestic baby diaper market is that the profits of the domestic baby diaper market are quite attractive.

The profit margin of domestic baby diapers is about 20%-30%, which is higher than that of the foreign baby diaper market. Compared with the mature consumption environment in foreign countries, the domestic baby diaper consumption market is still in a relatively immature state, which gives the emerging baby diaper brands in the domestic market a lot of room for development. Some domestic baby diaper brands make a gimmick, for example, making a fake diaper, which can cause domestic mothers to rush! Under the temptation of such a market environment, many domestic baby diaper manufacturers and brands have entered the market one after another. There are more baby diaper manufacturers trying to diversify their brands, combining with paper companies, dairy companies, more children's shoes, toys, etc., to extend the product line of baby diapers, and increase their size to the baby diaper industry. Not only foreign brands are adding weight to the Chinese market, but there are many baby diaper brands created by domestic companies alone, which makes the domestic baby diaper market continue to grow.


Domestic brands make efforts


With the intensification of competition in the domestic baby diaper market, this also forces domestic baby diaper brands to continuously upgrade their baby diaper production equipment, and the product grade and quality of domestic baby diapers have been greatly improved. In a comparative test result of 15 batches of infant diapers published by the China Consumers Association, it was shown that from the performance of baby diapers in terms of leakage, the highest-priced "King" baby diaper was not as good as the domestic "comfortable baby" baby. Diapers, baby diapers for "mom after a thousand years". Expensive baby diapers do not necessarily mean good quality. The big foreign brand diapers are not necessarily better than the domestic brand diapers. Jiang Huashu, president of China's maternal and child industry, believes that there is basically no difference in quality between domestic baby diaper brands and foreign big brand diapers! On the contrary, domestic baby diaper brands have more advantages in terms of cost performance. Especially in the past two or three years, the diapers of the mothers of Qianhou, Dongguan Tianzheng Paper Co., Ltd., began to use the world's top raw materials. With the world's most advanced automatic diaper production line, the world's first-line suppliers of raw materials and strict quality control, the high quality of baby diaper products is ensured.



E-commerce market chaos


Due to the huge consumption potential of the domestic baby market, many mainstream e-commerce companies have joined. According to the statistics of Maternal and Infant Vision, a senior media in the maternal and infant industry, the top five online e-commerce maternal and infant market share are: Tmall,, Pinduoduo, Taobao, Douyin and other platforms. In addition to settling in e-commerce platforms and self-operated online stores, many brand owners are still prudently choosing to "hand in hand" with e-commerce operators. According to Taobao, more than 10 million users browse mother and baby products on Taobao every day, and Taobao sells more than 200,000 packs of baby diapers every day. According to industry estimates, the cost of purchasing and operating baby diapers for e-commerce is only about half of that of offline supermarkets, which also creates an absolute advantage for e-commerce in purchasing and selling baby diapers. However, many domestic baby diaper brands that insist on quality are unwilling to go to e-commerce to fight for low prices, nor do they go to e-commerce for sales. One of the more representative ones is the diapers for mothers of thousands of mothers from Tianzheng Paper Co., Ltd. in Dongguan, Guangdong. Because Taobao, Pinduoduo, Douyin and other platforms, the price is too low, which will affect the quality of baby diapers, so there is no e-commerce sales.


Sales channel division


In the domestic baby diaper market, international big-name baby diaper products are mainstream in e-commerce channels, and domestic baby diaper brands are mainstream in offline mother and baby chain stores. The price of baby diapers of international big brands in e-commerce is uneven, the product quality is also mixed, and after-sales disputes have been constant. On the other hand, the domestic baby diaper brand products sold by offline mother and baby physical stores are of good quality, affordable prices, and considerate after-sales. There are physical stores and more guarantees. The domestic baby diaper brand is relying on the millions of domestic mother and baby terminal physical stores, all over the country, and the product store market is like the surging trend of the river, and it quickly spreads to the terminal outlets across the country.


Domestic quality improvement


The quality of domestic baby diaper products has been improving with the demand of the domestic baby diaper market and domestic mothers. The quality improvement of domestic baby diapers is mainly reflected in the upgrading of production equipment and the technological innovation of production technology. This is due to the technological innovation of domestic baby diaper equipment manufacturers. The representative one is Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang Haina Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company's baby diaper production equipment continues to innovate in technology, but the price of the machine is far lower than that of foreign countries. The price of imported equipment allows domestic baby diaper manufacturers to update their production equipment in a timely manner, which makes domestic baby diapers no longer lose to international big-name baby diapers in production equipment. Domestic baby diaper manufacturers have been precipitation for nearly 20 years, and they are quite mature in material selection, production process, product quality control, etc. The quality of domestic baby diaper products is constantly improving.

From the above 5 aspects, domestic baby diaper manufacturers are gradually making efforts, domestic baby diaper sales network is gradually expanding, and domestic baby diaper brands are rising! It is believed that in the next two to three years, the momentum of domestic baby diaper brands will surpass that of international big-name baby diapers. I also hope that Chinese mothers will stop blindly pursuing so-called foreign big-brand diapers. The key to purchasing baby diapers is to look at the price/performance ratio.


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