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Fault Diagnosis and Routine Maintenance of Automatic Sanitary Napkin Machine

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, the manufacturing industry continues to develop. As the main processing equipment, automatic sanitary napkin machine has been widely used. As the staff do not pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, the equipment failure rate continues to increase. The following are the fault diagnosis and routine maintenance methods of automatic sanitary napkin equipment.



1.Fault diagnosis of automatic sanitary napkin machine

(1) Direct inspection and troubleshooting. The direct inspection method is the most direct and effective method to eliminate the faults of automatic sanitary napkin machine. It is mainly realized through the vision and touch of workers, but it is difficult to accurately find out the root cause of electrical failure of mechanical equipment.

(2) Interface inspection method. The application of machine in equipment production mainly depends on PLC. Therefore, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of data signal transmission is very important for the efficient operation of the whole equipment. Once the data transmission signal interface has problems, it will cause data transmission errors, data loss and other problems, and make the control system of mechanical equipment disordered. Therefore, relevant technicians must always monitor whether the working state of the interface display lamp is abnormal, and eliminate potential safety hazards in time.

(3) Check with testing instrument. When checking mechanical equipment, it will be applied to various types of instruments. Therefore, the above two methods can be used to troubleshoot before checking, and then select the instrument. For example, when checking the power supply, you can use an electrical instrument to measure the voltage value, and then compare it with the normal data to check whether the equipment is faulty.

(4) Adjustment of working parameters. Compared with traditional equipment, the production mode of automatic sanitary napkin machine is more diversified, which can meet the production needs of different products, and puts forward higher requirements for the professional and technical level of operators. It is necessary to timely adjust the relevant machine parameters according to the production needs to prevent the data parameters from mismatching with the production needs, resulting in electrical failure of the equipment.

(5) Improve the alarm system. During the use of mechanical equipment, some accessories will wear out due to long-term use. If the replacement is not timely, electrical failure will occur, increasing the work difficulty of maintenance personnel. Therefore, improving the equipment alarm system plays an important role in ensuring the working efficiency of the equipment. There are two common alarm devices: signal light flashing and sound prompt. Their application in mechanical equipment can greatly simplify the work flow of equipment maintenance and improve the effectiveness of the application of equipment electrical maintenance technology.

(6) Ensure the timeliness of parts replacement. In the process of equipment production, the accessories are easy to wear, some equipment accessories are complex, and the fault location is difficult to detect in a short time. Therefore, ensuring the timeliness of parts replacement can not only reduce the possibility of electrical failure of the equipment, but also maximize the working efficiency of the equipment. After replacing the parts, the staff should not directly discard the parts, but should check whether the parts have problems and maintain them in time to ensure production safety and reduce costs.


2.Component maintenance of automatic sanitary napkin machine

(1) Maintenance of main drive chain. Regularly adjust the tightness of the spindle drive belt to prevent big talk from being lost. Check the thermostatic mailbox, adjust the temperature range, timely supplement oil, clean and filter. Long term use of the spindle tool clamp device will affect the tool clamp, and timely adjust the displacement of the hydraulic cylinder piston.

(2) Hydraulic and pneumatic system maintenance. Regularly clean or replace the filter or strainer of lubrication, hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Regularly check and replace hydraulic oil; Regularly drain water to the filter of the pneumatic system.

(3) Equipment accuracy maintenance. Regularly check and correct automatic sanitary napkin machine level and mechanical accuracy. There are two methods to correct mechanical accuracy: hard and soft. The soft method compensates through the system parameters such as reverse gap compensation, coordinate positioning, precision fixed-point compensation, equipment return reference point position correction, etc. Hard methods shall be adopted during equipment maintenance, such as guide rail trimming, ball nut pair pre tightening and adjusting reverse clearance, etc.


In mechanical production and construction, mechanical equipment is an indispensable part, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of enterprises and the country. Automatic sanitary napkin machine will suffer friction loss during long-term work and needs to be maintained in time, otherwise it will affect production and use and cause greater economic losses.


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