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Maintenance Points of Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkin Machine

The quality and work efficiency of organic cotton sanitary napkin machine will largely determine the development level of China's productive forces. Therefore, how to effectively ensure the smooth operation of organic cotton sanitary napkin equipment has become a problem to be solved in practical application. Ensuring the effective application of equipment maintenance technology plays a vital role in the development of productivity.



1.Causes of failure of organic cotton sanitary napkin machine

(1) The quality of some equipment in the organic cotton sanitary napkin machine is degraded.

The equipment is composed of various types of equipment, and the equipment quality is closely related to the quality of each component of the equipment. Due to different work requirements, the equipment will produce different degrees of vibration in the working process. If the production quality of the equipment is unqualified, it will have an adverse impact on the working efficiency of the equipment, resulting in electrical failure of the equipment.

(2) Electrical fault caused by power supply problem.

Power supply is the core to ensure efficient operation of mechanical equipment. Therefore, in the process of industrial production, attention should be paid to power supply inspection to prevent the entire equipment working system from being paralyzed due to power failure, resulting in incalculable losses.

(3) There is a problem with the setup of the machine system.

Mechanical equipment mainly refers to the orderly production of the equipment by executing the instructions issued by the computer program. If the machine system setting is not accurate, the equipment is prone to zero direction coordinates, position errors and other problems, affecting the normal operation of the equipment and causing electrical faults.


2.Maintenance optimization measures for organic cotton sanitary napkin machine

(1) Strengthen commissioning and acceptance

The failure of electrical equipment may be caused by the joint influence of many factors. If the maintenance personnel do not carry out comprehensive inspection and only repair some of them, they will not be able to completely solve the mechanical equipment failure. In order to avoid the loss caused by fault maintenance, the electrical equipment of the equipment must be commissioned and accepted. First, special personnel shall be assigned to debug the mechanical power unit, sensing equipment and hydraulic system of the equipment, and the commissioning shall be completed step by step according to the principle of "from outside to inside, from easy to difficult". Secondly, after the commissioning work is completed, the whole machine shall be accepted. Start the mechanical equipment, observe the working parameters during the operation of the equipment, and compare the corresponding standards. Acceptance shall be conducted after ensuring that the parameters meet the standard range.

(2) Establish a high-quality maintenance team

As a comprehensive high-tech product integrating computer technology, information technology and engineering processing technology, the equipment must cultivate a modern technical team with strong comprehensive ability and high professional quality to ensure its proper function optimization. On the one hand, it can ensure the high-quality development of basic maintenance and transformation of equipment and electrical equipment; on the other hand, it can regularly maintain equipment and electrical equipment to avoid major faults. From the perspective of enterprises, we should pay more attention to the construction of talent team and actively create sufficient talent training opportunities.

(3) Do a good job in equipment maintenance management

The maintenance and management of electrical equipment are also very important. First, reasonable maintenance methods. In the process of maintenance, scientific and reasonable maintenance methods should be selected according to the reasonable maintenance process, which should not only solve the problem of opportunism, but also protect the mechanical equipment. Second, condition inspection and maintenance. In daily work, each component shall be maintained to ensure that all components are normal and that the equipment works normally. Third, daily maintenance of equipment. Some equipment may not work for a period of time, but it still needs maintenance in daily work.


In short, the application of organic cotton sanitary napkin machine can greatly improve the work efficiency and work quality. Therefore, in the maintenance of equipment and electrical equipment, it is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance. In case of failure, take correct and reasonable maintenance steps, record and analyze the causes and phenomena of each failure, establish perfect maintenance files, ensure daily production and keep the equipment in normal operation, Maximize work efficiency.


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