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What is the Three-stage Maintenance System of Menstrual Underwear Machine?

Menstrual underwear machine three levels of maintenance system is a mandatory maintenance system, mainly the operator's warranty on the equipment. Mainly rely on the masses, give full play to the enthusiasm of the masses, the implementation of mass management and mass maintenance, combined with special groups, the menstrual underwear equipment maintenance methods.



1.Menstrual underwear machine routine maintenance

Menstrual underwear machine routine maintenance generally includes daily maintenance and cycle maintenance, also known as routine maintenance and cycle maintenance.


(1) Daily maintenance

Equipment operators on duty in daily life, carefully do four things before the shift, five things to note in the shift, and four things after the shift.

Four things before the shift: digest the drawing data, check the handover records. Wipe the menstrual underwear machine and lubricate and refuel according to the regulations. Check whether the handle position and manual operation parts are correct and flexible, and whether the safety device is reliable. Check whether the transmission is normal and the lubrication and cooling are smooth in low speed operation.

Five things to note during the shift: pay attention to the sound, temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic system, instrument signals, safety insurance is normal.

Four things after the shift: close the switch and put all the handles in zero position. Remove iron filings and dirt, remove oil from equipment guide surfaces and sliding surfaces, and add oil. Clean up the workplace and organize accessories and tools. Fill in the handover record and operator's desk record for the handover procedure.


(2) Weekly maintenance

Equipment operators perform maintenance every weekend. Maintenance time is: 2h for general equipment, 4h for fine, large and thin equipment.

Appearance: Clean equipment guide rails, each transmission part and exposed parts, clean workplace. Clean inside and outside without dead ends, no rust and corrosion, clean surrounding environment.

Operation transmission: Check the technical condition of each part, tighten the loose parts and adjust the fit gap. Check the interlocking and safety devices. Transmission sound is normal, safe and reliable.

Hydraulic lubrication: Clean the oil line, dustproof felt, oil filter, oil tank refueling or oil change. Check the hydraulic system to achieve oil quality cleaning, smooth oil circuit, no leakage, no research injury.

Electrical system: wipe the motor, snake skin tube surface, check the insulation, grounding, to achieve integrity, clean, reliable.


2.The first-level maintenance of menstrual underwear machine

First-level maintenance is mainly assisted by operators and maintenance personnel, disassembling and checking menstrual underwear machine parts according to plan, cleaning specified parts, unclogging oil lines and pipes, replacing or cleaning oil lines, felts and oil filters, adjusting the clearance of each part of the equipment, and tightening each part of the equipment. First-level maintenance time is 4-8 hours, a warranty should be recorded after completion, and indicate that the defects have not been cleared, the workshop mechanical personnel should organize acceptance. The scope of one warranty is all the equipment in use in the enterprise, and the key equipment is strictly enforced. The main purpose of the first warranty is to reduce the wear and tear of the equipment, eliminate hidden problems, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure the production tasks during the next warranty period.


3.Secondary maintenance of menstrual underwear machine

The secondary maintenance is mainly completed by the participation of maintenance personnel and operators. Secondary maintenance includes disassembly, inspection and maintenance of equipment parts, replacement or repair of worn parts, cleaning, oil change, inspection and maintenance of electrical parts, so that the technical condition of the equipment fully meets the requirements of the specified equipment integrity standards. The duration of the secondary maintenance is approximately 7 days.

After the completion of the secondary warranty, the maintenance personnel shall fill in the maintenance records in detail, and have them accepted by the workshop mechanics and operators, and report them to the equipment power department for record. The main purpose of the second warranty is to make the menstrual underwear machine reach the complete standard, improve and consolidate the integrity of the equipment and extend the overhaul cycle.


The implementation of the three-level maintenance system, operators must do three good, four will, four requirements, and comply with the five disciplines. Due to the implementation of the three-level maintenance system, the integrity of menstrual underwear machine is effectively improved, the equipment accident rate is reduced, the equipment maintenance cycle is extended, the equipment maintenance cost is reduced, and good technical and economic benefits are achieved.


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