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Maintenance System of Maternity Sanitary Napkins Machine

In the daily work, the maintenance personnel of maternity sanitary napkins machine should not only have a high level of technology, but also master the relevant theoretical knowledge. Only when theory and technology are combined, can the operation be completed better. In the process of operation, it is necessary to understand the importance of maternity sanitary napkins equipment maintenance and establish relevant management systems so as to achieve stable development.



1.Maternity sanitary napkins machine maintenance principles and requirements

(1) In order to ensure that maternity sanitary napkins machine is often in good technical condition, can be put into operation at any time, reduce the failure downtime days, improve mechanical integrity and utilization, reduce mechanical wear and tear, extend the service life of machinery, reduce the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance, to ensure safe production, must change maternity sanitary napkins machine maintenance work.

(2) Mechanical maintenance must implement the principle of equal emphasis on maintenance and prevention, to achieve regular maintenance and mandatory maintenance, the correct handling of the relationship between use, maintenance and maintenance, not only use or maintenance.

(3) The teams must do the maintenance of various machinery in accordance with mechanical maintenance procedures and maintenance categories, without undue delay. Special circumstances need to be approved by the competent experts before deferred maintenance, but not more than half of the specified maintenance interval.

(4) Maintenance of machinery should ensure the quality, according to the specified works and requirements item by item, shall not be missed or not insured. Record the maintenance items, maintenance quality and problems found in the maintenance and report to the experts in the department.

(5) Maintenance personnel and maintenance departments should continuously summarize maintenance experience and improve maintenance quality through three inspections and one handover (self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one handover.

(6) Asset management department regularly supervise and check the mechanical maintenance of each unit, regular or irregular spot checks on the quality of maintenance, superior punish the inferior.


2.Maternity sanitary napkins machine implementation and supervision

(1) Maternity sanitary napkins machine maintenance adhere to the clean, lubrication, adjustment, tightening, anti-corrosion as the main content of the cross operating method

(2) Daily maintenance is the cleaning and inspection before and after the operation of the machinery and the process, mainly to check the key wearing parts, coolant, lubricant, fuel quantity, instrumentation instructions, etc..

Operators by the operator to complete their own, and carefully fill out the "mechanical daily maintenance records.

(3) Primary maintenance: general cleaning, tightening, lubrication, partial adjustment, to maintain the integrity of the technical state of machinery.

(4) Secondary maintenance: including - level maintenance of all the content, to check and adjust the center, to maintain the mechanical assembly, institutions and components of good performance. The user asset manager should issue a notice and give notice to the operation group, mainly by the operator himself. When the operator, the maintenance department can be entrusted to inspect and supervise.


3.Maternity sanitary napkins machine maintenance

(1) Seasonal maintenance: the main content is to replace the seasonally appropriate lubricants and fuels, take anti-freezing measures and increase the anti-freezing facilities. It is organized and arranged by the user department and checked and supervised by the operation shift leader.

(2) Walking period maintenance: maternity sanitary napkins machine after the walking period maintenance must be carried out. The main content is cleaning, tightening, adjusting and replacing lubricating oil, completed by the user, inspected by the asset manager and supervised by the asset management department.

(3) Transfer maintenance: machinery should be transferred before the transfer of maintenance, operation content can be maintained according to mechanical technology, if necessary, corrosion. Transfer maintenance is organized and implemented by the machinery transfer unit, inspected by the project department and asset manager, and supervised by the Asset Management Department.

(4) Parking maintenance:Parking sealed machinery should be maintained, mainly cleaning, corrosion, moisture, etc. Stock machinery is entrusted by the Asset Management Department for maintenance, and machinery is maintained by the Use Department.

(5)After the completion of the maintenance plan, should be carefully checked and accepted, and prepare the relevant information so that the records are complete and true.


Maternity sanitary napkins machine maintenance is an important way for enterprises to reduce operating costs, fundamentally extend the service life of machinery and equipment, delaying the replacement of the old and new.


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