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Maintenance Technology and Current Situation Analysis of Menstrual Panties Machine

In the production process, the maintenance and management of menstrual panties machine is the most important issue, of which the most important is the technical level of maintenance. Once the mechanical equipment has problems, it will not only affect the production cycle, but also increase the production cost, so we can see the importance of mechanical maintenance. However, the mechanical equipment has a certain service life in the production process, so its service life should be extended as far as possible, with advanced maintenance technology level. The mechanical equipment should be maintained regularly to effectively prolong the service life of menstrual panties equipment.



1.Maintenance technology of menstrual panties machine

(1) Fixed point maintenance technology

The rapid development of material science in China provides a solid foundation for the maintenance of menstrual panties machine. Some polymer materials can be combined with mechanical surface materials with high temperature resistance, low friction and high barrier, so as to effectively improve the mechanical maintenance technology. In addition, some parts of mechanical equipment will have some wear, scratch and corrosion problems. Fixed-point maintenance technology can effectively solve these problems and strengthen the temperature resistance of mechanical surface.

(2) In situ repair technology

In situ repair technology can be used to repair the operation failure or damage of mechanical equipment in the production process. Generally speaking, this in-situ repair technology is relatively. In order to keep the mechanical equipment running, it is necessary to quickly restore its performance.


2.Current situation and problems of menstrual panties machinemaintenance

(1) Do not pay attention to the maintenance of equipment

In the production process of most buildings in China, the construction period is often not short enough. Therefore, general production units ignore the maintenance of mechanical equipment. Some may only be simple maintenance and can not really meet the standard requirements of maintenance work.

(2) Low professional and technical level of maintenance personnel

With the development of China's social economy, most of the mechanical equipment in the production process is relatively advanced, which also improves the requirements of maintenance technology. However, most equipment maintenance personnel in China do not have a comprehensive grasp of new technology, and construction enterprises do not train them. Therefore, there are certain differences in the technical level of maintenance personnel, and they lack certain professionalism in the maintenance process. When the equipment fails, it cannot be maintained at the first time, which will have a certain impact on the construction.

(3) Lack of management of mechanical equipment

In the production process, there will be many influencing factors in the use of menstrual panties machine, which will damage the service life of mechanical equipment, especially the start-up of mechanical equipment. If the operation is incorrect, it will affect the practicability of mechanical equipment. In actual work, construction managers rarely manage mechanical equipment, which makes mechanical equipment failure serious and brings certain difficulties to maintenance.


3.Improve the maintenance technology level of menstrual panties machine

A perfect mechanical maintenance system must be established to effectively improve the quality of mechanical maintenance. However, in the production process, there are many kinds of machinery, the manufacturing process, materials and use environment of mechanical equipment are different, and the maintenance technology is also different. Therefore, a targeted, scientific and reasonable maintenance system must be formulated according to the characteristics and actual situation of mechanical equipment to strengthen the maintenance of mechanical equipment.


The maintenance of menstrual panties machine plays a very important role in the whole work. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of machinery. In the actual work, the problems of mechanical equipment shall be found and maintained in time to effectively avoid the construction progress caused by the shutdown of equipment, especially the long-term use of mechanical equipment, and the maintenance shall be strengthened to ensure the normal use of mechanical equipment in the production process.


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