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Daily Maintenance Management of Period Diaper Machine

Maintenance after period diaper machine failure refers to the repair and maintenance process of failed equipment. Usually, the equipment maintenance process occurs in a period of time after the equipment has just failed. At this time, the mechanical shutdown loss is small. Simply maintain and replace parts to ensure the re operation of period diaper equipment.



1.Maintenance management of period diaper machine

The maintenance methods of period diaper machine are divided into preventive maintenance and maintenance after failure. Preventive maintenance refers to the daily maintenance and management of equipment at ordinary times or before the failure of machinery and equipment. The basic purpose of maintenance is to regularly maintain mechanical equipment and prevent or reduce the frequency of mechanical equipment failure. The main contents of prevention and maintenance are: daily maintenance of equipment and detection, diagnosis and trial operation of equipment design, timely eliminate faults or safety risks in equipment, and avoid affecting the normal operation of equipment and causing unnecessary economic losses.


2.Problems in maintenance management of period diaper machine

(1) The shortage of technical talents is serious and the management system is not comprehensive

Equipment leasing management is also an important part of machinery management. Although the mechanical equipment leasing business has developed rapidly, there are great limitations in the process of mechanical equipment leasing. Due to the lack of highly technical equipment leasing personnel, the later equipment management is not comprehensive, affecting the normal operation and safe maintenance of the equipment. Most of the management personnel of machinery leasing are halfway monks, lack relevant management experience and technical ability, and can not regulate the maintenance of machinery and equipment.

(2) The quality and technology of relevant personnel are low

The manufacturing industry accounts for the largest proportion of grass-roots manual workers, and the cultural quality of employees is generally low. Some enterprises belong to management enterprises. After the system reform of these enterprises, only a group of professional and technical personnel are left. Most technicians in front-line positions leave their original units due to layoffs. New enterprises are unwilling to continue to train professional and technical personnel in order to protect their economic income, resulting in a large number of technical personnel and personnel failures, Affect the normal operation of period diaper machine.

(3)The short-term phenomenon of equipment is frequent

The long-term high load operation of the equipment will have a great impact on the safe operation and service life of the equipment. The technicians of the current period diaper machine may deliberately ignore the daily maintenance and management of the equipment. Most of the current period diaper machine equipment are leased or old equipment. At present, most mechanical equipment leasing enterprises in China lack understanding of the normal maintenance of equipment, only care about the operation efficiency of equipment, and do not pay attention to or directly ignore the maintenance after equipment operation.


The problems or faults of the equipment during construction are basically repair problems, regardless of whether there are safety risks in other locations, and completely give up the later maintenance of the equipment, which will have a great impact on the neutrality of the equipment in the later use. Therefore, we should attach great importance to the maintenance of the period diaper equipment to ensure that the production schedule can be completed smoothly.


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