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Problems Needing Attention in Dry Mesh Sanitary Napkin Equipment Maintenance

Different types of dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment will play different roles in application; The system structure of machinery and equipment is different, and its characteristics will be different. When maintaining mechanical equipment, corresponding maintenance measures need to be taken from the type and design structure of mechanical equipment. In the specific operation, the maintenance technology shall be selected according to the instructions, and the dry mesh sanitary napkin machine shall be maintained regularly according to relevant regulations.



1.Check the vulnerable parts of dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment

When checking dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment system, maintenance technicians should pay attention to that the circuit board cannot be put aside for a long time and cannot be installed in the equipment system. In order to prolong the service life of the circuit board, the circuit board should be placed in the mechanical equipment regularly. The brush installed on the DC motor shall be checked regularly and replaced in time.

If the brush is damaged, it will affect the operation of the motor and even seriously damage the equipment system. Therefore, in order to maintain the equipment system, we should attach great importance to the inspection of motor brushes and replace the damaged brushes. At the same time, check the equipment lathe and milling machine regularly to ensure the stable operation of the equipment system.


2.Do a good job in cleaning and heat dissipation of dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment

Ensure that the operation procedures of all dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment systems are implemented in accordance with the regulations and the maintenance regulations in the maintenance work. Try not to open the equipment cabinet and electric cabinet of mechanical equipment during maintenance. During the operation of mechanical equipment, a large amount of oil gas, dust and metal powder will float in the air.

During the operation of the equipment system, there will be an electromagnetic field. These pollutants will be sucked into the machine, resulting in the components of the equipment system with reduced insulation resistance function. The system cannot be fully contacted, or even damage the circuit board and electronic components.


3.Control the running time of dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment

When dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment runs continuously for a long time, the system needs heat dissipation. Especially in summer, the air ambient temperature is high and the heat dissipation of the system is difficult. In order to dissipate heat in time, some operators will open the equipment cabinet. Although the purpose of heat dissipation is achieved, the equipment system is easy to be damaged.


To sum up, dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment plays an important role in enterprise product processing. In order to improve economic benefits, enterprises must correctly operate and maintain mechanical equipment to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of mechanical equipment. In particular, the maintenance of mechanical equipment can not only ensure the good operation of the equipment, but also prolong the service life of the dry mesh sanitary napkin machine.


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