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The Importance of Equipment of Pad with Wings Maintenance

Equipment of pad with wings is the main good technical state of production, give full play to the best efficiency of machinery, plays a key role in completing production tasks on time. Any machinery, any parts, have a certain maintenance cycle and service life. Correct use, standardized maintenance is an effective way to reduce parts damage, extend the service life of machinery and improve economic efficiency. Briefly introduced machine of pad with wings kind of use and maintenance measures, according to the structural characteristics of machinery and working principles, combined with work practice.



1.Equipment of pad with wings maintenance specifications

Equipment of pad with wings in the factory, has put forward the equipment daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the specific content and requirements. However, in the maintenance work, people often do only qualitative maintenance, rather than quantitative maintenance in full accordance with the content and requirements of maintenance works. Even if they do, there is no corresponding maintenance records.


2.Equipped with equipment of pad with wings of maintenance tools

In the process of technical maintenance of machinery and equipment, also need the corresponding common tools and special tools, various tools must be recorded completely. At the same time, according to the different environmental conditions of the construction site, facilities such as workbenches, trenches and workshops are set up to ensure that the technical inspection and maintenance of various machinery can be carried out smoothly, and preventive measures and necessary maintenance are formulated to ensure the complete technical state of the equipment.

Equipment of pad with wings in the long-term production process, due to the wear and corrosion of parts, the reduction or deterioration of lubricants, the loosening or displacement of fasteners, the reduction of mechanical power, the reduction of safety and reliability, and even failure and damage, the entire machine working capacity. According to the law of change of technical conditions, before the parts reach the limit of wear or failure, take appropriate preventive measures to reduce the rate of wear of parts, eliminate hidden problems, ensure the normal operation of machinery, and extend the maintenance of machinery.


3.The role of equipment of pad with wings maintenance

Make equipment of pad with wings always in good condition, can start or leave the vehicle at any time; in the case of reasonable use, shall not stop due to damage in the middle; in the process of use, safety or driving will not be affected by machine accidents; keep the mechanical assembly and parts of the technical state of balance, to achieve the longest overhaul interval; make oil, tires and spare parts to The minimum consumption level of oil, tires and spare parts.


In summary, the maintenance of equipment of pad with wings is an effective means of restoring mechanical performance and extending service life. However, in the actual operation process, some users and maintenance personnel have many mistakes, which affect the normal use of machinery.


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