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What Needs to Be Done for the Maintenance and Repair of Equipment of Pad Without Wings?

Currently, maintenance of equipment of pad without wings is a rather complex task, and many equipment maintenance personnel do not know or pay enough attention to many issues. Here, we will promote the maintenance of machine of pad without wings.



Routine maintenance of equipment of pad without wings

Equipment of pad without wings daily maintenance may seem simple, but it is often under-appreciated and most easily overlooked; however, most of the time, big problems are often accumulated from small problems. Keep the surface of the instrument clean, check whether the voltage and power supply are normal before use, observe whether the function of the instrument is normal, and fill in the usage record. Develop a good habit of daily maintenance to avoid damage events.


Maintenance work of equipment of pad without wings

When equipment of pad without wings breaks down, information should be collected and prepared before maintenance; including model number, factory number, time of breakdown, whether there is abnormal sound during breakdown, whether there is a sudden power failure, whether the instrument is moved, etc.

In the process of disassembling mechanical equipment, pay attention to the order and do not use brute force to forcefully disassemble. The removed fastening screws, small parts, etc. should not be placed at random, but should be classified and placed to avoid loss. After the completion of equipment repair, gradually restore the original state in the opposite order, no extra parts. Damaged spare parts should also be well marked and restored to their original state after replacement, without mistakes. After the repair is completed, clean the surface of the instrument and turn on the power to see if it can work properly. Protect the engineer in the maintenance process, whether it is leakage or cross-infection and other issues. No unnecessary accidental injury.


Regular maintenance check of equipment of pad without wings

equipment of pad without wings failure occurs before, grasp whether the equipment is bad, find signs of failure and hidden problems, timely prevention and maintenance, control the failure, timely analysis of the causes, study countermeasures, take measures to eliminate or improve the equipment to prevent the failure from happening again. To do a good job of equipment failure management, we must carefully grasp the causes of failures, accumulate data on common failures and typical failures, conduct failure analysis, research on failure rules and failure mechanisms, and strengthen daily maintenance, inspection and pre-repair. This can avoid sudden failures and control gradual failures.


At the same time, the quality of spare parts directly affects the quality of products to meet the equipment of pad without wings maintenance needs and the uncertainty of production cycle needs. It can be seen that the most important thing of equipment spare parts management is to meet the need of key equipment maintenance spare parts to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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