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Talking About the Precautions of Using one-piece Sanitary Napkin Equipment

At present, we use many one-piece sanitary napkin equipment in the market, but each equipment has its own use method. If used improperly, the equipment may be damaged. Briefly introduce the usage and precautions of today's one-piece sanitary napkin machine, hoping to help you.



1.Start one-piecesanitary napkin equipment correctly

Whether the one-piece sanitary napkin equipment is started correctly directly affects its service life. During startup, the time from the crankshaft to the engine oil and then to the cylinder wall is about 1min~4min. There is a lack of sufficient lubricating oil film between the friction surfaces, and a new oil film needs to be formed within a certain period of time after startup. Dry friction on the metal surface between the piston ring and the cylinder wall greatly accelerates the wear between the cylinder wall and the piston ring. The lower the temperature before starting, the greater the wear. The lubricating oil has high viscosity and poor fluidity, so it is difficult to enter the friction surface and ensure lubrication. In addition, at the initial stage of start-up, the UN atomized fuel flows into the oil pan along the cylinder wall and piston, washing away the only oil film between them and intensifying wear.

one-piece sanitary napkin equipment

2.Avoid deflagration of one-piecesanitary napkin equipment

The main causes of one-piece sanitary napkin equipment deflagration are premature oil supply, excessive carbon deposition in the combustion chamber and high operating temperature. During deflagration, the temperature of the combustion chamber rises sharply, and the local air pressure in the cylinder is too large. The temperature of combustion chamber rises sharply, which is easy to overheat or burn corrosion of piston, valve and other parts; Excessive pressure in the cylinder may easily damage the piston, cylinder wall, connecting rod and crankshaft.


3.Prevent overload operation of one-piecesanitary napkin equipment

one-piece sanitary napkin equipment overload operation has a great impact on wear. When the rotating speed is low, it is difficult to form a good lubricating oil film between the parts, which worsens the lubrication conditions and causes greater wear of the parts. The lubricating oil film will gradually reduce wear as the speed increases. However, when running at high speed, it is difficult to form a good lubricating oil film between parts, which worsens the lubrication conditions and causes large wear of parts. At the same time, when running at high speed, the increase of temperature between parts leads to the decrease of oil viscosity, the formation of bad oil film and the sharp increase of wear.

one-piece sanitary napkin machine

4.Keep one-piecesanitary napkin equipment running at normal temperature

one-piece sanitary napkin equipment when the temperature is too high, it will increase metal expansion, damage the normal fitting clearance, and easily cause piston bite, cylinder pulling and other hazards. At the same time, too high a temperature can easily dilute the engine oil, accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the engine oil, and aggravate the wear of the cylinder. At low temperature, the lubricating oil has high viscosity and poor fluidity, so it is not easy to enter the friction surface, which makes lubrication difficult and aggravates wear. Therefore, do not remove the thermostat or block the small circulating pipe. Otherwise, the cylinder wall will dissipate too much heat, reducing the thermal efficiency and affecting the normal operation of the. At the same time, too low oil temperature will increase the viscosity of oil, increase the working resistance of parts, aggravate the wear of parts, reduce the power and economy, and shorten the service life of machinery.


As long as you pay attention to and carry out one-piece sanitary napkin equipment maintenance as required, you will reduce the occurrence of early failures, prolong the service life, improve the operation efficiency, and bring more benefits to the machine.


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