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Full-width Sanitary Napkin Equipment Repair Status and Maintenance

With the continuous improvement of production mechanization level, production machinery has become a key factor affecting the production schedule, quality and cost. Production enterprises to improve economic efficiency, enhance competitiveness of an important link is to ensure full-width sanitary napkin equipment is often in good condition, improve utilization and extend the service life. full-width sanitary napkin machine is also an important guarantee to ensure the normal and smooth development of production .


full-width sanitary napkin equipment

1.Full-width sanitary napkin equipment maintenance status

(1) lack of awareness of the importance of full-width sanitary napkin equipment management and maintenance, short-term behavior in the use of equipment, equipment disease operation, excessive wear and tear of parts, especially the necessary maintenance of equipment. As a result, equipment failures increase, service life is shortened, and economic efficiency is reduced. In the absence of the necessary technical transformation, repeated repair of outdated equipment will not only increase maintenance costs, and it is difficult to restore the original performance and accuracy, not to mention compensate for the corresponding losses, which will hinder technological progress, can not meet the needs of production and development.

(2) mechanical maintenance is still in the state of scattered backward manual operation. Production enterprises have a large mobility of equipment, often due to the required parts are not in stock, the local market does not have accessories, inconvenient transportation, can not buy parts in a timely manner, extending the downtime of machinery.

(3) In the field of maintenance, the judgment of mechanical failure depends mainly on experience and senses. The accuracy of the fault site is low and difficult to determine.


2.Full-width sanitary napkin equipment maintenance focus

(1) When preparing the maintenance plan, it is necessary to have the data of production tasks, production plan, equipment condition, operating table time, maintenance cycle, maintenance operation time, etc. Site maintenance organization must be established to ensure the normal operation of the site machinery. Reasonable organization should be determined according to the actual production situation. When the production scale is large or the duration is long, a temporary maintenance organization can be set up to be responsible for the maintenance of production equipment; when the production is small, the duration is short or the work sites are scattered, a production maintenance vehicle can be set up and a mobile maintenance team can be organized for warranty tour.

(2) Currently there are two common maintenance operation methods: comprehensive maintenance method and professional division of labor operation method, which can be selected according to the actual situation. Generally there are single machine repair method and assembly exchange repair method. Single-machine repair method maintenance time is long, the quality of repair is not stable. It is only applicable to maintenance organizations with weak maintenance capacity, few maintenance tasks and complex models; assembly and exchange maintenance methods are currently recognized as the best on-site maintenance methods. Remove worn parts or assemblies, replace new products or repair parts, replace parts or assemblies under economical and reasonable conditions, and store spare parts after passing inspection. This maintenance method can eliminate maintenance, simplify the maintenance level, fast maintenance, short time, greatly improve the integrity of the equipment and attendance, improve the economic efficiency of the use of equipment, and create favorable conditions for professional maintenance.

full-width sanitary napkin machine

3.Full-width sanitary napkin equipment repair and maintenance problems exist

With full-width sanitary napkin equipment kind of technology content continues to grow, production machinery maintenance technology is also developing rapidly. A variety of maintenance technology has greatly facilitated the work of maintenance technicians, greatly improving the timeliness and accuracy of maintenance. But at this stage of production site detection means and maintenance technology is far from meeting the actual needs. But far from meeting the actual needs.


To sum up, full-width sanitary napkin equipment maintenance status quo development there are many problems, and the maintenance of equipment still has a long way to go.


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