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Panty Sanitary Napkin Equipment Common Fault Check Method

Panty sanitary napkin equipment in the process of fault detection, should allow the use of the machine system's self-diagnostic function for judgment, while some common fault detection methods should be used flexibly. In summary, panty sanitary napkin machine fault detection methods are many, the following is a few of the most commonly used methods.



1.Intuitive method of panty sanitary napkin equipment

The intuitive method follows the principle of first outside and then inside. Fault diagnosis using methods such as seeing, hearing, smelling, asking, touching, etc., from the outside to the inside to check one by one, can narrow down the fault to the module or printed circuit board. This requires maintenance personnel to have rich practical experience, extensive multidisciplinary knowledge and comprehensive judgment ability. For example, during the processing of panty sanitary napkin equipment, there was a sudden stoppage. Inspection revealed that the main circuit of the Y-axis motor was fused. Upon inspection, the components related to the Y-axis. Finally, it was found that the Y-axis motor power cord was worn on the bed, causing a short circuit. After replacing the power cable, the fault was eliminated and the equipment returned to normal.

panty sanitary napkin equipment

2.Self-diagnostic function method of panty sanitary napkin equipment

Although the modern panty sanitary napkin equipment system has not yet reached a high degree of intelligence, but it already has a strong self-diagnostic function. The working status of the hardware and software of the machine system can be monitored at any time. As soon as an abnormality is detected, an alarm message should be displayed on the CRT or a light-emitting diode should be used to indicate the general cause of the fault. Using the self-diagnostic function, it can also display the status of the interface signal between the system and the host, so as to determine whether the fault occurs in the mechanical part or in the mechanical system part, and indicate the general part of the fault. This method is currently the most effective method in maintenance work.


3.Panty sanitary napkin equipment's functional program test method

The so-called functional program test method is panty sanitary napkin equipment system of general and special functions, such as linear positioning, arc insertion, spiral cutting, fixed cycle, user macro program and other manual programming or automatic programming methods, the preparation of functional program test paper tape, and then start the machine system operation, check the accuracy and reliability of the equipment, determine the the possible causes of failure. This method is to determine the waste caused by the inspection and equipment processing at the first start-up of long-term idle machinery and equipment, but not alarm. Once it is difficult to determine whether it is programming measures or operating errors, or equipment failure is a better method of judgment.


4.Panty sanitary napkin equipment replacement method

panty sanitary napkin equipment replacement method is a simple and easy to use method, and is one of the most common methods of on-site judgment. The so-called replacement method is the use of spare printed circuit boards, templates, integrated circuit chips or components to replace the suspect parts, narrowing the fault to the level of the printed circuit or chip. In fact, before verifying the correctness of the analysis, but before the spare board is exchanged, it is important to carefully check whether the spare board is intact and to check that the state of the spare board is exactly the same as the original board. This includes checking the selector switch on the board, the setting position of the shorting lever and the position of the potentiometer.

panty sanitary napkin machine

5.Panty sanitary napkin equipment parameters check method

panty sanitary napkin equipment parameters can directly affect the performance of mechanical equipment. Parameters are usually stored in magnetic bubble memory or CMOSRAM and need to be maintained by batteries. Once the battery is insufficient or due to external interference and other factors, individual parameters will be lost or changed, causing confusion and making the equipment unable to work properly. In this case, by calibrating and correcting the parameters, the trouble can be removed. When the equipment is idle for a long time to work again, abnormal phenomenon or failure occurs for no reason and no alarm, the relevant parameters should be checked and calibrated according to the characteristics of the failure.


In addition, due to mechanical transmission parts wear, electrical components performance changes, etc., long-term operation of panty sanitary napkin equipment also need to adjust the relevant parameters; part of the equipment failure is often due to part of the non-adaptive parameters are not modified in a timely manner. Of course, these failures belong to the category of soft failure.


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