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The Design Method of Liquid Sanitary Napkin Equipment

Liquid sanitary napkin equipment innovative design methods, series design methods and modular design methods are the main methods of design, this article will take you to do a brief understanding of these three methods.



1.Liquid sanitary napkin equipment innovative design methods

Among all the design methods, the steps of the innovative design method are the most typical and can be divided into four stages: product planning, program design, technical design design.

(1) Product planning stage

The product planning stage mainly includes demand analysis, research, forecasting, feasibility analysis and preparation of design tasks.

(2) Program design stage

The schematic design phase is essentially the design of the product function principle according to the requirements of the design task. The schematic design phase broadly includes abstracting the design task, establishing the functional structure, seeking the original understanding and solution, forming the preliminary design plan, evaluating and screening the preliminary design plan.

(3) Technical design stage

The technical design stage of liquid sanitary napkin equipment is the preliminary design scheme of the specific scheme design stage, determining the original structural technology scheme, determining the main technical parameters and general layout, selecting a better design scheme through technical and economic analysis, determining the main technical parameters and general layout, structural design, drawing assembly sketches, selecting materials and process schemes for the main components.

(4) Process design stage

In the process design stage, the design of parts working drawings, perfecting parts assembly drawings and general assembly drawings, commercial design and compiling various technical documents are mainly carried out.

liquid sanitary napkin equipment

2.Liquid sanitary napkin equipment series design method

Series design method is based on designing products, selecting typical products in terms of function, structure and scale, and designing series of products with other dimensional parameters to form the basic series of products. On the basis of the basic series of products, a few components are added, subtracted, replaced or modified to derive deformed products for different purposes, forming a product derivative series.

In order to shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of liquid sanitary napkin equipment, reduce costs and ensure and improve product quality, a series of design methods in product design should be followed to improve the generality and standardization of parts and components in the series. In order to improve the generalization and standardization of parts in the series, should follow the principles of product serialization, parts generalization and standardization. Series design methods should follow the "product series, parts generalization, standardization" principle, referred to as the "three modernization" principle. Sometimes the structure of the typical for the fourth principle, the so-called four.


3.Liquid sanitary napkin equipment modular design method

The basic concept of modular design of liquid sanitary napkin equipment is: in order to develop various different functional structures, or the same functional structure and different products, it is not necessary to design each product individually, but to carefully design a number of functional modules, these modules through different combinations to build a variety of products with different functional structures and performance.

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The above is the introduction of the design method for liquid sanitary napkin equipment, I hope to provide some reference to the design of machine and equipment.


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