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Hot Melt Adhesive in Disposable Sanitary Products

The hot melt equipment used in the disposable hygiene products industry is usually hotter and more complex than a household rubber gun. This is the only way we can keep up with the speed of the production line. Unlike hot glue guns, hot melt adhesives are not only used for thick layer application. Instead, hot melt adhesives for sanitary products should be applied to specific parts of diapers or sanitary napkins in a specific pattern precisely by the equipment, which can create a strong adhesion and improve the performance of the product.



1.In-depth knowledge of hot melt adhesives

Manufacturers use hot melt adhesives for sanitary products in diapers and feminine care products for a variety of reasons. One of the main advantages is that it has a fast action time and can be used in high-speed production lines. Other advantages: they adhere to a variety of substrates, bond well during wet daily movements, and contribute to product flexibility and pliability.

Each hot melt adhesive has a unique formulation, but the main components of this adhesive include.

(1) Polymer, which acts as the backbone

(2) Resins, which hold each layer together (adhesion)

(3) plasticizers, to improve flexibility and comfort

(4) Additives, to extend shelf life and provide special features as needed, such as adding color or ultraviolet (UV) resistance.

hot melt adhesives

2.What parts of disposable hygiene products use hot melt adhesives?

As with any formulation, the sequence and steps to generate the final product of the adhesive are as important as the ingredients. Through the continuous efforts of a team of scientists, all adhesives are used correctly and work optimally in hot melt adhesives.

(1) The basic structure of the diaper: sticking each layer together with greater efficiency.

(2) Ensures good core integrity: improves absorbency, prevents core shifting and ensures no separation when wet.

(3)Rubber bonding: Rubber can be fixed in place under the stress generated by movement and weight.

(4)Connecting front waist patch and side waist patch: prevents diapers from falling out.

(5) Fixing the feminine care product in place: ensures that the product sticks to the underwear, but is not difficult to remove.

(6) Diaper glue: turns blue when the product needs to be replaced.

hot melt adhesives for sanitary products

Just as some people find it very useful to use a hot glue gun at home, now you know why hot melt glue is important in diapers and other disposable hygiene products.


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