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How to Choose a Better Diaper by Magic Side Tape?

When choosing diapers for babies, many parents easily ignore a small but critical area, which is the magic side tape of diapers.



1.What is magic side tape?

Magic side tape is widely used in baby diapers, as the name implies, its effect is a reasonable diaper front and back effective tight connection to ensure that the diaper fits the child's waist better, prevent the baby from urine leakage, also prevent the baby from excessive movement and the diaper falls off.

magic side tape

2.What are the criteria for the selection of magic side tape?

First of all, you should pay attention to the model specification and material selection range of magic side tape. The quality of magic side tape with flat surface and soft and tender tone is better.

Second, look at the individual characteristics of the raw material. Good Velcro is made of a special type of unusual PP raw material that has no adverse effect on children's skin. In addition, Velcro made of green eco-related materials can be used many times.

Finally, look at its credit and manufacturer. Professional material manufacturers that provide Velcro to diaper manufacturers are verified by the safety department and can be purchased with confidence.


3.How to achieve high stickiness of diaper magic side tape?

For parents and babies, it is very important that diapers are easy to put on and take off, Velcro is strong, and babies are not wearing it to affect their activities. Babies like to move. Traditional diapers are easy for them to break free. If a baby's mother uses care products for her baby, such as oil, powder or body wash, it may affect how well the diaper Velcro sticks because these care products may come into contact with the sticky position and reduce its adhesion. Therefore, when fixing the diaper, try to make sure that your fingers are dry and clean, and that the buttons (Velcro) on magic frontal tape both sides are glued to the waist. Paste according to the baby's waist circumference, based on the mark or scale on the front of the diaper, and make sure that the left and right are aligned and then paste to fix it.

magic frontal tape

When choosing diapers, parents should pay more attention to the details of MAGIC SIDE TAPE. From the baby's posture, physique and wearing comfort, they should choose diapers that allow the baby to still fit the baby, no matter how they play and move, and always give the baby and parents full of intimacy and peace of mind.


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