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Introduce You to Hydraulic Non Woven Fabric

Nowadays, many manufacturers widely use hydraulic non woven fabric. What is hydraulic non woven fabric? What kind of hydrophilic principle is it? For what purpose?



1.What is hydraulic non woven fabric?

Hydraulic non woven fabric is opposite to waterproof non woven fabric in the production process. It is used to add hydrophilic agent in the production process of non woven fabrics, or produce fibers on fibers to produce hydraulic non woven fabrics.

hydraulic non woven fabric

2.Why should hydraulic non woven fabric be added with hydrophilic agent?

Why add hydrophilic agent? This is because fibers or non woven fabrics are polymers. The hydrophilic group itself has little or no hydrophilic group, so it can not meet the hydrophilicity required for the application of non woven fabrics. Therefore, a hydrophilic agent is added to increase its hydrophilic group. This kind of hydrophilic spunbond non woven fabric is made of ordinary polypropylene spunbonded non woven fabric after hydrophilic treatment, which has good hydrophilicity and air permeability.

hydraulic spunbond non woven fabric

3.Extensive application of hydraulic non woven fabric

Hydraulic non woven fabric is mainly used for diapers, diapers, sanitary napkins and other sanitary products, which can quickly penetrate and keep dry and comfortable. It can be said that the application in our life is very common! Next, we will introduce four common products.

Baby diaper

The upper and lower surfaces of the baby diaper absorbent layer are made of hydraulic non woven fabric, which not only makes the diaper surface as soft as cloth, but also has good water absorption effect.

Adult diaper

The effect of hydraulic non woven fabric in adult diapers is basically the same as that of infant diapers. In contrast, the production requirements of hydraulic non woven fabric in adult diapers will be lower than that of infant diapers.


For the mask with better quality, a hydrophilic non woven fabric layer will be established in the inner layer of the mask to absorb the water vapor exhaled from the mouth. The more intuitive effect is that in winter, we often see some friends wearing glasses form a layer of white water vapor on their glasses when wearing masks, which has a great impact on the line of sight. This is because there is no hydraulic non woven fabric in the mask.

Pet urine pad

It is usually used to prevent pets from urinating anywhere, and the urine pad laid in the pet rest area is also made of hydraulic non woven fabric. This kind of hydraulic non woven fabric is relatively simple to manufacture and has a relatively low standard, which mainly highlights its hydrophilic function.

hydraulic non woven fabric

Hydraulic non woven fabric belongs to the sustainable development industry, with high degradation rate, close price to the people and high utilization rate in daily life. Some commonly used infant, adult and pet protection products have a long and broad market.


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