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Electrical Maintenance Steps for Breathable Sanitary Napkin Equipment

The invention and improvement of breathable sanitary napkin equipment is of great significance to the industrial manufacturing industry. Reducing the occurrence of faults and effective fault handling is also an important development direction in the process of equipment electrical development. In practice, there are some deficiencies in hardware maintenance and system program early warning of existing electromechanical systems. The following describes in detail the electrical maintenance steps of the breathable sanitary napkin machine.



1.Check the working environment of breathable sanitary napkin equipment

After the failure of breathable sanitary napkin equipment occurs, it is necessary to stop work for inspection in time to prevent and control greater failures or even accidents. For normal electromechanical abnormal operation, the working environment shall be collected and analyzed first after power failure. Due to temperature rise, working voltage change and other reasons, the production efficiency will be reduced and the product quality will be affected. Experienced operators can also predict faults according to their own product performance. Generally speaking, the fault hazard caused by environmental change and condition change is small, and the normal working state can be gradually restored after environmental commissioning.


2.Electrical hardware inspection of breathable sanitary napkin equipment

Due to aging, damage and other reasons, the electrical equipment of breathable sanitary napkin equipment cannot support continuous production in hardware. Therefore, hardware inspection is required after power failure. Generally speaking, the hardware inspection of electromechanical equipment is complex. Due to the large number of parts and complex lines, the hardware troubleshooting shall be fully prepared for step-by-step inspection, and the hardware shall be inspected from large to small and from coarse to fine. Carefully analyze the damaged parts to understand the cause of the damage, so as to adjust the system and reduce the occurrence rate of the next failure. For the hardware inspection of the machine, corresponding plans shall be formulated to ensure regular inspection and maintenance, and timely replace and maintain aging and damaged parts.


3.Software warning of breathable sanitary napkin equipment

The high degree of automation and intelligence of electricity is mainly reflected in the success of software programming. A relatively perfect production system has important requirements for software. The fault tolerance rate of software is of great significance to the smoothness and efficiency of production. In the process of setting production, software error pre-warning should be done well, so that the software alarm can fail in time, so that the programmer can timely understand the failure point and correct it.


Therefore, in the electrical maintenance of mechanical equipment, the staff should also attach great importance to it. If it is not adjusted in time, it is easy to cause production accidents. At the same time, it is necessary to gradually strengthen the setting of electromechanical software, strengthen certain safety, improve the reliability of software early warning, reduce software failures, and improve the efficient operation of the whole machine.


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