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Maintenance of Three-piece Sanitary Napkin Equipment

The pace of informatization accelerates the production efficiency and increases the demand for three-piece sanitary napkin equipment. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of mechanical equipment at ordinary times, you may be too quick to reach. Here are some maintenance methods for three-piece sanitary napkin machine.



1.Quality problems of three-piecesanitary napkin equipment

The maintenance of three-piece sanitary napkin equipment quality is the premise and foundation for the use of machinery. During the long-term use of machinery, the mechanical components are worn, the gap increases, the coordination changes, the static balance and dynamic balance of machinery are damaged, the working stability, reliability and mechanical efficiency are significantly reduced, and even permanent damage is caused to some components and parts. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and management of mechanical equipment, strictly implement the rules and regulations, formulate the annual, quarterly and monthly maintenance plans of the machinery according to the use and integrity of the mechanical equipment in recent years, and assign special personnel to be responsible for inspection, do the mechanical maintenance work on time, conduct regular maintenance and inspection, and carefully make the mechanical maintenance records.


2.Daily operation of three-piece sanitary napkin equipment

It is very important to check three-piece sanitary napkin equipment before startup. Patrol inspection was carried out during operation. The operating procedures were strictly implemented in the work. Eliminate the faults and hidden dangers of mechanical equipment, solve the problems of the machine, and ensure that the mechanical equipment does not operate with faults. The mechanical equipment was comprehensively inspected after shutdown. After the end of the day's work, the mechanical equipment has carried out routine maintenance and cross operation. Finally, the operation record must be filled in.


3.Regular safety inspection of three-piece sanitary napkin equipment

Do a good job in the safety of three-piece sanitary napkin equipment, regularly and irregularly inspect the machinery, find hidden dangers and rectify them in time. Operators shall strictly implement the three inspection system during the operation of mechanical equipment: pre work inspection, in-service inspection and post work inspection to ensure the normal operation of all mechanical components. Set up eye-catching safety signs around the machinery to remind people to pay attention to safety in case of accidents and how to take emergency measures. The equipment scrapping plan shall be formulated according to the technical conditions of the equipment, and the equipment with scrapped service life shall be terminated in time. The obsolete equipment shall not be used.

The three-piece sanitary napkin equipment shall be well protected. The mechanical parking lot shall meet the safety requirements and the parking position shall be reasonable. It can adapt to the space required by the mechanical movement, and the surrounding environment will not cause danger to the mechanical movement. The site is flat and solid, machinery can enter and exit, and it is easy to evacuate in case of emergency. Fire fighting equipment shall be reasonably arranged, and warning signs shall be set around and at the entrance and exit of machinery. The equipment shall be well maintained in winter. Equipment flood control and lightning protection in summer. Do a good job in equipment fire prevention and anti-theft throughout the year.


Three-piece sanitary napkin equipment safety management is the focus of management and the primary condition for completing production tasks. Only by doing well in the management of mechanical equipment can we eliminate or reduce the occurrence of accidents and create better economic benefits.


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