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How to Determine the Equipment of Sanitary Napkins Without Chips Failure?

At present, China's electronics and automation technology has made great progress, equipment of sanitary napkins without chips in the machinery manufacturing industry is widely used in the most intuitive embodiment of this progress. For the application of sanitary napkins equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry, although the application can bring good benefits, but must also pay attention to the more prone to failure of sanitary napkins equipment problems. In this paper, the machine of sanitary napkins without chips kind of troubleshooting and maintenance measures are studied specifically.


1.Equipment of sanitary napkins without chips overview

For equipment of sanitary napkins without chips, it can itself control signals by compiling programs to automatically complete the processing of related parts and products. This function enables sanitary napkins equipment to complete complex, precise, small batch, multiple parts and product processing without the support of a large number of human resources, and this feature also makes sanitary napkins equipment a This feature also makes sanitary napkin equipment a typical mechatronic product. Compared with traditional machinery, sanitary napkin equipment has a series of advantages such as high flexibility, high processing accuracy, stable and reliable processing quality, high productivity, and improved labor conditions. These advantages also make sanitary napkin equipment effectively promote the related development of China's machinery manufacturing industry.


2.Equipment of sanitary napkins without chips common failures

Common equipment of sanitary napkins without chips faults include power supply, short circuit, controller and several other aspects.


2.1 Power supply failure

For sanitary napkins equipment, power supply is the basic premise for its normal operation. If there is a failure, sanitary napkins equipment not only can not work properly, but also easy to lose database information, and even lead to machine downtime. It can be seen the seriousness of the power supply failure of sanitary napkin equipment. The specific operation of this diagnosis is to check the sanitary napkin equipment specific operation is to check whether the sanitary napkin equipment power supply grounding is good, whether there is running leakage and series connection problems.


2.2 Short-circuit fault

In addition to power supply failure, short-circuit fault is also a common form of fault in the operation of sanitary napkin equipment. If the potential is not correct, it can be directly connected. The resistance connection is very small, which can lead to short-circuit failure of sanitary napkin equipment. If the sanitary napkin equipment short-circuit fault, its own operation and control system is prone to chaotic problems, eventually leading to the system out of control, resulting in downtime maintenance. Sanitary napkin equipment, component insulation aging, moisture damage, chain failures and other conditions can lead to sanitary napkin equipment short-circuit failure, the relevant personnel on the sanitary napkin equipment short-circuit fault diagnosis also mainly from these areas.


2.3 Controller failure

For equipment of sanitary napkins without chips, controller failure is also a more common fault, the fault is mainly from the line contact problem, sanitary napkin equipment system is the main factor leading to controller failure, according to the relevant industry authorities, the more sanitary napkin equipment system, the more likely the relevant sanitary napkin equipment to have controller failure , it can be seen that the sanitary napkin equipment system is the key to diagnose the fault.


In addition to the above specific machinery and equipment failure, maintenance information tracking method is also relevant personnel can use machinery and equipment failure solutions, the method can be combined with equipment maintenance electronic files for the future of machinery and equipment-related fault resolution to provide reference, the smooth operation of machinery and equipment has long-term significance.


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