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Key Issues of Regular Sanitary Napkin Equipment

With the increasing changes in modern society, mechanical engineering is increasingly used in our daily processing and production. regular sanitary napkin equipment is used more and more widely in mechanical engineering from integrated processing industries to small stores and workshops. However, when using regular sanitary napkin machine, I only consider how to maximize the capacity of the equipment and crop movement rate, long-term operation and crop movement, the lack of professional maintenance, which can easily lead to equipment failure.



1.Regular sanitary napkin equipment installation confirmation

Regular sanitary napkin equipment should be installed in a proper harsh environment. Excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of the electrical wiring inside the equipment. When working, the equipment module often alarm continuously due to high temperature, i.e. bad ambient temperature and temperature control below 30 degrees. Excessively humid and bad environment will accelerate the rusting of equipment surface and internal parts, which will affect the operation of the equipment. Be away from equipment with high vibration such as punching and forging equipment, etc., such as high-precision equipment should take anti-vibration measures. Keep away from strong electromagnetic interference sources to make the equipment operate normally. To confirm the stability and horizontal jumpiness of the equipment, the four corners can be fixed on the ground with screws instead of shaking the equipment. Regularly check our equipment horizontally to make sure the equipment is not deflected.


2.Maintenance of regular sanitary napkin equipment after installation

After regular sanitary napkin equipment is introduced, it is the beginning of a set of equipment maintenance plan. From the valid signs of various equipment to various electrical and mechanical parts cannot be missed. The equipment failure rate is high at the beginning of the equipment introduction. During this period, the hydraulic and electrical mechanical parts of the equipment are not completely broken in, no normal maintenance, blindly put into production processing will certainly reduce the service life of the equipment.


3.Regular sanitary napkin equipment daily protective maintenance

The daily use of regular sanitary napkin equipment plays a vital role in the maintenance of our equipment. How to achieve a good daily protection? According to different types of machinery and equipment, there are different programs, but in general, the daily maintenance and protection of equipment should include the following points: (1) master the details of daily production, do not violate the rules of operation. (2) Keep the equipment well lubricated and do not add the wrong oil. (3) Regularly check the electrical and mechanical parts for aging damage. (4) Regularly test each switch button of mechanical equipment to prevent abnormalities during processing, etc.


4.Regular sanitary napkin equipment operation and maintenance

The rapid development of modern society society, the requirements of the mechanical processing industry more and more strict. For simple machine operators, familiar with the operation and programming of regular sanitary napkin equipment, daily cleaning of equipment is the basic condition of work operation, but these are far from enough to play a real role in the maintenance of our equipment. We need more professionals for equipment maintenance, they need to have the appropriate electrical mechanical and other skills, in-depth understanding of the principles and structure of mechanical equipment to escort our machinery and equipment.


To sum up, we should have some understanding of regular sanitary napkin equipment maintenance. A careful and planned equipment maintenance plan and ideas will help the proper operation and accuracy of our machinery and equipment and improve the service life of our equipment. Therefore, let all of us machine operators take action and use scientific maintenance to extend the high performance life of our machinery and equipment.


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