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What Are the Countermeasures to Solve in the Maintenance of Menstrual Underwear Equipment?

Menstrual underwear equipment safety accidents occur from time to time, many of which are caused by the maintenance of machinery and equipment is not standardized. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of machinery and equipment to ensure the safe operation of machinery and equipment. To strengthen the maintenance of menstrual underwear machine, the following measures should be taken.



1.Safety awareness of menstrual underwear equipment

The government should urge menstrual underwear equipment users to develop and improve the use of machinery and equipment, maintenance, maintenance and other rules and regulations, and effectively implement them to strengthen the maintenance of machinery and equipment.


2.Strengthen the safety management of menstrual underwear equipment

Menstrual underwear equipment maintenance units to carry out the necessary business knowledge training, to improve the overall quality of maintenance work and service levels. Good management of machinery and equipment is an important factor to ensure the safe operation of machinery and equipment. The use of mechanical equipment should be based on national standards and mechanical equipment to develop a sound safety management, operation management and maintenance management system, relying on strict systems and management regulations to regulate the daily management of mechanical equipment to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Mechanical equipment management personnel should properly keep the keys of mechanical equipment halls, machine rooms and control cabinets, ensure that drivers and maintenance personnel participate in training in a timely manner, hold a certificate and continuously improve their business level; establish technical files of mechanical equipment, prepare procurement plans for spare parts and spares; establish mechanical equipment management, use, maintenance, maintenance and repair systems; roughly understand the technical data, installation, maintenance and upkeep of mechanical equipment.


3.Establish the maintenance system of menstrual underwear equipment

Machinery and equipment should make daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance plans, and check once a day to ensure that menstrual underwear equipment can operate safely, reliably and comfortably. According to the maintenance plan, organize mechanical equipment maintenance, record each maintenance, sign and regular maintenance to ensure normal and reliable work. Regularly lubricate all lubrication parts of machinery and equipment. Maintain the safety parts of machinery and equipment and the safety facilities of the main machinery to ensure that they are sensitive to action and check whether the electrical components are flexible and reliable. Check the wiring stakes and fasteners of mechanical equipment, check the parameter size relative to the moving device and electromechanical fittings to confirm if there is any change. Check the wear and tear of the moving parts, and repair or replace them if they are serious. All safety facilities and major components safety facilities and major components, and determine the overhaul period or replacement according to the degree of wear and actual use.


4.Develop safe operating procedures for menstrual underwear equipment

In addition to fully understand the working principle of menstrual underwear equipment, a qualified mechanical equipment outside the principle of maintenance, but also must have good mechanical operating ability, a considerable understanding of the electrical principles, more understanding and application of some basic functions of electronic technology. Currently need to master certain programmable control principles, digital circuits, microelectronics technology principles and applications, and more in-depth understanding of the principles and applications of microcontrollers. The maintenance unit should establish the professional and technical files of the maintenance personnel, check the maintenance quality of the maintenance personnel from time to time, and establish a maintenance responsibility system to improve the sense of responsibility of the maintenance personnel.


Most failures of menstrual underwear equipment are due to poor maintenance. To solve these problems, we must improve the safety awareness of machinery and equipment users, strengthen the safety management of machinery and equipment, establish a maintenance system, develop safe operating procedures for maintenance personnel, and implement a regular inspection system for machinery and equipment.


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