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What is the Difference Between Medical Non Woven and Regular Non Woven?

At present, there are two common non woven fabrics in the market, one is regular non woven, and the other is medical non woven. Because of their respective characteristics, they are applied in different fields. So what is the difference between the two?



1.Medical non woven has stronger antibacterial ability

For medical non woven, the first criterion is its antibacterial ability. Generally, smmms three-layer melt blown layer structure is adopted, while common medical non woven fabrics in industry adopt single-layer melt blown layer structure. Compared with the two, the three-layer melt blown layer structure must have stronger antibacterial ability. As for ordinary non-medical non woven, it has no antibacterial ability because it has no melt blown layer.


2.Medical non woven is applicable to a variety of sterilization methods

Because medical non woven has antibacterial ability, it also needs to have corresponding sterilization ability. High quality medical non woven can be applied to a variety of sterilization methods at the same time. There are three commonly used sterilization methods: pressure steam, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide plasma. However, ordinary non-medical non woven is not applicable to a variety of sterilization methods.

medical non woven

3.Medical non woven is more environmentally friendly

High quality medical non woven adopts green PP particles, which can release relevant toxicological reports. However, ordinary non-medical non woven can not withstand high humidity, and there is no need to provide relevant toxicological reports.


4.Medical non woven is more strict in quality control

For high-quality medical non woven, its production process needs to pass ISO13485 international medical product quality management system certification, and conduct real-time online detection for each step in the production process. This will ensure that each part is sent to the quality inspection department and the relevant batch inspection report can be provided. However, ordinary non-medical non woven do not need to be tested for medical level.

regular non woven

To sum up, the differences between medical non woven and regular non woven are mainly reflected in antibacterial ability, sterilization method, environmental protection and quality control. Both of them have their own uses and characteristics. In actual use, they only need to be correctly selected according to their needs.


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