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Add Functional Masterbatch for SMS Non Woven Fabric

Increasing the development and application of SMS non woven fabric medical products can greatly improve China's medical protection level and save a lot of medical resources. Starting with adding functional masterbatch to SMS non woven, this paper provides ideas for its development in medical and health care.



1.Add negative ion masterbatch to SMS non woven fabric

When SMS Nonwovens are used as medical products, if they are endowed with the functions of disease resistance and bacteriostasis, the market competitiveness of the products will be improved. Anionic materials have the functions of dust removal, air purification and bacteriostasis, and can promote metabolism. At present, ionization is mainly produced by high-voltage electricity, which makes the air produce negative ions; Or use natural mineral products to make anion masterbatch after refining and processing. The product added with negative ion masterbatch can endow the product with the function of releasing negative ions. The release of negative ions is large and beneficial to human health (it can be added to the common masterbatch at the rate of 4% ~ 5% and stirred evenly).


2.Add color masterbatch to SMS non woven fabric

At present, the common SMS Nonwovens have different colors, so we can see the gradient distribution of SMS products. At the same time, many surgical clothes are no longer a single dull color. In the production of colored SMS products, color masterbatch is generally added in the spunbonded or melt blown process, and the addition amount is usually not more than 5%. Adding color masterbatch is a common method to obtain high-quality resin colored products, and the consistency of rheological properties between color masterbatch and resin matrix is directly related to the quality of chips.

SMS non woven fabric

3.Add antibacterial and deodorizing masterbatch to SMS non woven fabric

Medical masks, wound dressings, surgical masks, etc. should prevent and inhibit the growth of microorganisms before use to prevent medical staff and patients from being infected by viruses; After use, attention should also be paid to deodorization treatment to avoid polluting the atmospheric environment. Therefore, antibacterial and deodorizing masterbatch can be added to the functional modification of SMS medical products. Among the antibacterial masterbatches, nano silver antibacterial and odor proof masterbatches have high safety, broad-spectrum and high-efficiency antibacterial properties and excellent washing resistance. At present, the varieties of organic antibacterial and deodorizing masterbatch mainly include polypropylene antibacterial and deodorizing masterbatch, polyester antibacterial and deodorizing masterbatch and nylon antibacterial and deodorizing masterbatch.


4.Add soft masterbatch to SMS non woven fabric

At this stage, consumers have higher requirements for the hand feel and wearing comfort of nonwoven products. There are many methods of softening treatment, including mechanical and physical methods. The addition of soft masterbatch needs to start with polymer raw materials. The softening treatment of polymer is generally to add plasticizer in the process of preparing masterbatch.

SMS non woven

At present, degradable, compound, functional, minimally invasive and intelligent are the development direction of medical products in the world. By adding functional masterbatches to SMS non woven fabric, SMS non woven can further develop in the field of medical products.


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