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Development Trend of Super Absorbent Polymer

At present, super absorbent polymer is widely used in various fields of life because of its excellent performance, and has a good market prospect. But at the same time, the research in China is not deep enough and has not formed a relatively complete system. This paper expounds the development trend of sap and provides a reference for its further development.



1.Enrich the types of super absorbent polymer

Starch, cellulose and other natural polymers are inexhaustible renewable materials on the earth. Making them be used as synthetic degradable materials in social production is conducive to human survival and development. Super absorbent polymer compounded with starch, cellulose and inorganic clay minerals can improve the strength, salt resistance and comprehensive material properties of pure organic SAP gel, and reduce the production cost.

There are many inorganic clay minerals in China, such as montmorillonite, kaolin, vermiculite, illite, etc. They not only have polyhydroxy surface, but also have cation exchange, dispersity and hydrophilicity. They also contain nutrients needed by crops. They can be used to prepare multifunctional inorganic mineral powder / organic resin water absorbent composites.


2.Simplify the preparation process of super absorbent polymer

The preparation technology of super absorbent polymer is mainly based on solution method and inverse suspension method. They have a common disadvantage, that is, due to the addition of media and solvents, the effective utilization space of the reactor is reduced, and the synthetic products need a series of post-treatment processes, such as filtration, cleaning, dehydration and drying, to separate the solution, which increases the production cost. How to simplify the preparation process is of great significance to the research and application of superabsorbent materials.

super absorbent polymer

3.Strengthen mechanism research and further improve the performance of super absorbent polymer

Super absorbent polymer greatly improves the water absorption and gel strength, but the mechanism is not clear. The study on the reaction mechanism, water absorption mechanism, reaction process dynamics, gel microstructure and the relationship between their properties will help to further improve the salt and alkali resistance, gel strength and service life of water absorption composites.


4.Further reduce the raw material cost of super absorbent polymer

Compared with starch and cellulose synthetic water absorbent materials, the raw material cost of inorganic mineral / organic polymer water absorbent composites is reduced by 20%~30%. However, as the unit price of acrylic acid is still the most important factor affecting the raw material cost of super absorbent polymer, the cost performance ratio is the highest when the mineral addition is only 27%~50%. Therefore, it is still limited to reduce the raw material cost only by adding minerals. How to further reduce the cost of raw materials is a problem worth studying.


As a new type of polymer functional material, super absorbent polymer has excellent performance, can absorb water hundreds of times its own weight, and does not or less dehydrate under pressure. Therefore, it is playing a more and more important role in various fields of life. This article explains the development trend of sap and provides a reference for its development.


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