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Prevention and Cure Measures for Aging Problem of Super Absorbent Polymer

Super absorbent polymer is a material widely used in social production and life. However, due to its special properties, it is easy to be affected by various factors and aging occurs. On this basis, this paper puts forward several anti-aging measures that can be used in the production and processing of SAP powder.



1.Improve the polymerization process in the production of super absorbent polymer

In the production process of super absorbent polymer, the reasonable improvement of polymerization process will make it have better anti-aging performance. Therefore, in the specific production, relevant enterprises should reasonably select their polymerization process. If conditions permit, advanced and mature polymerization process shall be selected as far as possible for preparation. At the same time, the dosage of additives and catalysts should be scientifically controlled according to the actual situation and needs, so as to reduce the impurity content and avoid the impurity aging caused by the absorption of ultraviolet light, so as to effectively prevent and control aging from the source.


2.Add plasticizer in the production and processing of super absorbent polymer

Because super absorbent polymer is easy to deform under external force and high temperature, which will accelerate its aging and adversely affect its service life. However, external force and temperature factors can not be controlled. Therefore, in specific production and processing, certain measures need to be taken to improve its resistance and ductility. In order to achieve this goal, manufacturers need to add an appropriate amount of plasticizer to improve its deformation resistance and achieve good aging control effect. At present, the commonly used plasticizers include dioctyl phthalate, dicarboxylic acid ester, phenylpoly ester, etc.

super absorbent polymer

3.Add light stabilizer in the production and processing of super absorbent polymer

Because the ultraviolet light in the light will cause great damage to the super absorbent polymer, in its aging prevention and control, the aging problem caused by ultraviolet light can be effectively solved only by properly shielding the ultraviolet light on its surface and preventing the ultraviolet light from being absorbed by it. On this basis, in the production and processing process, relevant enterprises need to add an appropriate amount of light stabilizers, such as light shielding agent, UV absorber, quenching agent, free radical capture agent, hydroperoxide decomposition agent, etc. So as to achieve a good light shielding effect, avoid the entry of ultraviolet light, and effectively prevent and control the light aging problem.


4.Apply protective layer during production and processing of super absorbent polymer

Many factors in the external environment will lead to the aging of super absorbent polymer. Therefore, in the production and processing of super absorbent polymer and its products, relevant enterprises can apply a protective layer on its surface, such as nano coating, polyurethane coating adhesive, polyacrylate coating adhesive, polysiloxane coating adhesive, etc., so as to play an effective role in covering and isolation. In this way, the change of material properties and aging problems can be effectively solved to ensure its application performance and prolong its service life.

SAP powder

To sum up, super absorbent polymer has attracted much attention in today's applications because of its rich raw materials, high production capacity, wide application range, corrosion resistance, high cost performance and many other advantages. Its aging problem has been paid more and more attention by relevant industries. By taking reasonable anti-aging measures in the process of material production and processing, the aging problem can be effectively prevented and restrained, so as to ensure its quality and performance, maximize its service life, and meet the practical application needs of today's society for SAP powder.


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