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Is Fluff Pump Harmful to Women's Health? Correct Understanding of Fluff Pump

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Now there are more and more brands of sanitary products in the market. Some brands claim that the products do not include fluff pump, and that the products containing these ingredients will damage women's health. Is that really the case? Let's learn about it today.



1.What is fluff pump

In the paper industry, fluff pump originated in Europe in the 1950s and is mainly used in the field of household paper. Compared with other ordinary paper pulp, it has long fiber, good strength, high density, high fibrosis rate, certain elasticity and good core pad integrity. It is widely used in the field of household paper. It is a paper pulp with various sanitary products as water absorption medium. It is mainly used to produce dry process paper, high-grade napkins, facial tissue paper, square paper, women's sanitary napkins, baby paper diapers, medical sanitary napkins, medical seamless cloth clothing, surgical pads and other protective pads. It is used as absorbent materials.

In the past decade, with the rapid development of diapers, women's sanitary napkins, medical mattresses and other related industries, especially the prosperity of the diaper market, the demand for diapers has also doubled by leaps and bounds.

fluff pump

2.Why use fluff pump

The main reason is that this fluffy fiber absorbs liquid most quickly and effectively, and the broken fluff pump is also mixed with water absorbent resin. Absorbent resin absorbs water slowly, but once it absorbs water, the water will not run out again. This fluff pump+ water absorbent resin is the most effective combination in technology at present, and is widely used in the field of sanitary products.


3.Reject inferior fluff pump

So is the previously rumored "fluff pump endangers women's health" false? In fact, it is not entirely true. It has good and bad. How to distinguish?

Inferior paper pulp is usually made of secondary recycled paper towels, sanitary napkins, leftovers, waste newspapers, cartons, books, cotton wadding and even garbage. It is bleached with fluorescent agent to make it look very white. According to medical clinical experiments, fluorescent substances can make cells mutate. If there is too much contact with fluorescent agents, there may be potential carcinogenic factors. More importantly, fluorescent substances are not as easy to decompose as ordinary chemical components. They will accumulate in the human body, greatly weakening the human body's own immunity and endangering human health.

Therefore, when purchasing, we must choose products of conventional brands. Raw materials purchased by regular manufacturers will be regularly sent to the local quality inspection department for sample preservation and testing. The annual health license inspection of the enterprise also needs to pass these inspection reports.

paper pulp

In a word, fluff pump is an absorber widely used in the field of sanitary products. A correct understanding of it will help consumers avoid misleading by some bad businesses.


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