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Is the Magic Tape on Diapers Unstable? Probably Because...

When the family has a baby, changing diapers will become the daily routine of baby's parents. Many novice parents have been in a state of being familiar with the use of diapers, but it seems that practice makes perfect. Baby's parents often report that they feel that the magic tape of diapers is unstable. Why? Today, let's take a look at several reasons why the frontal tape of diapers is unstable.



1.The unsteadiness of the paper diaper magic tape is not necessarily a quality problem

First of all, it is worth mentioning that weak pasting is not necessarily a quality problem.

If the bought diaper magic tape has no stickiness at all, it is the quality problem that it is missing, installed reversely or skewed.

The paste is not as strong as mothers think, because if it is done very, very firmly, the wrong operation is likely to cause direct damage to the baby's skin.


2.Improper use of diaper magic tape

In the process of using magic tape for diapers, some parents worry that the paste is too loose.

When pasting, many parents will stick directly on the soft fabric of diaper cotton beyond the waist, which will certainly lead to loose pasting.

Next, if the waist patch comes into contact with clothes and fibers. The use effect of waist stickers will also be affected by the mixing of sundries, that is to say, they are not firm.

magic tape

3.The diaper magic tape is beyond the normal pasting range

Perhaps they are worried that the edges of diapers will strangle the baby's legs and crotch, or for convenience, many parents will choose to wear diapers outside the open crotch pants.

If the baby is fat or wears more clothes in the diaper, it will exceed the normal pasting range of the magic tape of the diaper, resulting in the diaper falling off.


4.The pasting method of diaper magic tape is wrong

The diaper waist patch and elastic waistline are the perfect partner design. When wearing diapers for your baby, the waist sticker should be fixed at the waist sticker sealing position of the diapers (i.e. the part marked with 123 scale).

On the basis of ensuring that the waist patch does not directly stimulate the baby's skin, press the edge of the diaper while pulling the waist patch. Pay attention to the left-right symmetry when sticking the waist patch.

Do not stick the diaper magic tape too high or too low beyond the waist seal.


5.Frequently tear the diaper magic tape

The magic tape of diapers can really withstand multiple tears.

But! Many parents always worry about whether to change their baby's diapers after urination, so they often tear the waist stickers for inspection, and the oil on their hands will inevitably be stuck away.

In fact, the high-quality diapers on the market have been able to solve the reverse osmosis problem both in product selection and in use.

Parents can judge whether their baby has urine by the appearance of diapers or feel the weight of diapers with their hands, and then decide whether they need to replace them.

of course! When wearing diapers for the baby, parents must keep their hands dry and clean. Only in this case, can the baby be free from bacteria and other stolen goods to the greatest extent.

frontal tape

As the baby's daily necessities, diapers, parents will always encounter various problems in actual use. The unsteadiness of the paper diaper magic tape is a very common problem. By understanding the causes of this problem, baby's parents can better use the diaper frontal tape.


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