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Classification and Development Status of Diaper Frontal Tape

The change of diaper frontal tape witnessed the rapid development of diaper in China. Before 2008, a large share of the domestic brand market was mainly OPP frontal tape coated with release silicone oil. After 2008, woven mesh magic tape and suede magic tape that can be pasted repeatedly are known as mainstream products. After 2012, the soft non woven magic tape became the mainstream of the market.



1.OPP frontal tape

The main material of OPP frontal tape is biaxially oriented polypropylene film, which is transparent, smooth, and printed with color cartoon patterns, with high retention and appropriate peeling force. The surface is coated with a layer of release silicone oil, which can be pasted repeatedly.

According to the peeling force, it can be divided into mild peeling and severe peeling. Infant series products usually use light peeling (peeling force 2.5-7.0n), while adult series products use heavy peeling (peeling force 5-12n). However, in some hot weather areas, the adult series also uses mild peeling.

According to the material of OPP film, it can also be divided into matte and bright OPP frontal tape. Matte is also called matting film. Adding matting material to BOPP material or using matting roller to make OPP form a slightly uneven surface, so it is difficult to apply silicone oil. When silicone oil is applied at high speed, it cannot completely penetrate to the low point. If the pressure-sensitive adhesive on the left and right sides of CPP is not used properly, it is easy to cause problems such as glue transfer, excessive peeling force and failure to tear. At present, the matting film is only used for some frontal tapes with moderate to severe peeling in adults.

frontal tape

2.Mesh and suede frontal tape

Mesh and suede frontal tape is a composite of fabric mesh or flannel and low weight OPP or PET film. The mesh cloth or flannelette is compounded with the film through high viscosity hot melt adhesive or PUR adhesive or ultra-high viscosity hot melt adhesive diluted with solvent. Printed patterns are usually printed on film. They can be pasted repeatedly and the tightness can be adjusted freely.

The mesh surface is also called hook and loop magic tape. The fixing effect of the diaper can be realized through the hook ring at the free end and the mushroom head. The weight of the mesh cloth on the mesh surface is very low, which will not cover the printed pattern of the bottom film, and the pattern is clear.

Suede is a kind of flannelette that has been woven and designed. It is usually necessary to pile up the flannelette to produce burrs on the surface of the flannelette, so as to generate sufficient peeling force and ensure the good fixation of the diapers. Due to the relatively high weight of flannelette, the flannelette paste has a certain covering effect on the printed pattern of the bottom film, which will affect the clarity of the printed pattern. Generally speaking, the soft tone printed pattern design is more appropriate.

At present, the technology of both has been very mature and can cooperate with the injection hook of any manufacturer.

Mesh and suede magic tape have high retention and proper peeling force, and are generally printed with color cartoon patterns.


3.Non woven frontal tape

The non woven fabric frontal tape is a kind of special designed magic tape made of long fiber spunbonded non woven fabric or short fiber carding hot air non woven fabric and long fiber spunbonded non woven fabric, which is pressed by hot rolling. Because it only uses non woven fabrics, it is softer and cheaper. In recent years, it has been widely used. At the same time, with the wide application of flexographic printing process and the design of new embossing, the embossing appearance and color patterns of non woven magic tape are more abundant. Non woven fabric paste will eventually replace the paste of mesh and suede.

Because the non woven fabric is more compact, and the peeling force is relatively small compared with the mesh fabric and flannelette, it is necessary to use the optimized ejection hook to improve the peeling force of the magic buckle and the non woven magic tape. Generally, FM10 is 0.8-2.0n125mm, and the shear force is greater than 30n. It is generally considered that it can meet the requirements of safe use, and can avoid accidental opening during use or stretching caused by diaper falling off after wet urine.

magic tape

With the development of diaper industry, great changes have taken place in the closure system of diaper products. The closure system includes the open diaper opentypediaper and pantsdiaper. The pants closure system is usually an elastic waist composed of spandex and non woven fabric. The closure system of open diapers is composed of frontal tape and left and right stickers. Understanding the classification and development status of the diaper frontal tape is conducive to understanding the overall development history of the diaper industry.


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