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What Should Be Done for the Repair and Maintenance of Dry Mesh Sanitary Napkin Production Line?

Dry mesh sanitary napkin production line is widely used in manufacturing enterprises, automated production lines save a lot of time and costs, in cities with developed industries, dry mesh sanitary napkin equipment maintenance has become a hot spot. It mainly relies on the operators and maintenance personnel to complete the production line maintenance together. Well, let's analyze it and take a look.



1.Daily maintenance of dry mesh sanitary napkin production line

(1)Daily inspection and cleaning of mechanical circuits, gas lines, oil lines, transmission components.

(2) In the course of work to carry out inspections, inspection dry mesh sanitary napkin production line a key parts.

(3)Timely recording of abnormalities, timely handling of small problems every day, the preparation of spare parts, unification of the entire line down for maintenance.

(4)Develop a plan for wearing parts, replace wearing parts in advance to prevent unburned.


2.Maintenance methods of dry mesh sanitary napkin production line

(1)Synchronous repair method:In the production process, if a fault is found, try not to repair, maintenance methods should be used to make the dry

Mesh sanitary napkin production line continues production. On the rest day, focus on maintenance personnel, operators and repair all problems at the same time. By this way, the non-standard production line equipment can produce the whole line normally in the next working time.

(2)Divisional repair method:If there is a big problem in the production line, the repair time is long. The synchronous repair method cannot be used. At this time, use the rest day to concentrate the maintenance operators to repair a certain part. Wait until the next rest day to repair the other part. Make sure that the production line is not stopped during working hours.

In addition, try to use the pre-repair method in management. Install timers in the equipment, record the working time of the equipment, adopt wear rules, predict the wear of vulnerable parts, replace the vulnerable parts in advance, solve the failure before it occurs, and ensure the full production of non-standard automated production line.


3.Maintenance of dry mesh sanitary napkin production line

Dry mesh sanitary napkin production line lines, gas lines, oil lines, mechanical transmission parts (such as guide rails, etc.) should be checked and sorted out before and after; check the operation process, spot check key parts, record abnormalities, deal with small problems before and after (not long), prepare parts for big problems; shut down the whole line for maintenance, make plans for wearing parts, advance Replace wearing parts to prevent unburned.


Only by doing the daily maintenance of dry mesh sanitary napkin production line, we can produce high quality products faster and better.


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