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The Introduction and Use Skill of Magic Tape

What is magic tape? I believe some people may not know it yet, but it has a lot of applications in life. Today, let's take a look at what the frontal tape is and how to use it.



1.What is magic tape

Magic tape is a commonly used auxiliary prop in our life. It can be divided into male and female. On one side, there are relatively soft fibers, and on the other side, there are relatively hard things like small hair claws. The characteristic of this design is that it can play its due role in real life. It was originally invented and created by Americans. Its main function is to apply to various places that need to be opened and closed frequently, such as clothes, shoes, hats, or some curtains. Due to its wide range of applications, it will often change with the actual needs, but its main functions will not change no matter what changes. Due to various forms of change, it is applied to various industries. Some people may not know its changing form, but in real life, they still use this kind of deformation magic tape.

magic tape

2.Tips for using magic tape

Some people like to use magic tape because it is very convenient to use. At the same time, we can also summarize some basic rules during use. Here are some tips for using it.

If we want to make good use of it, the first thing we should do is to pay attention to its preservation. It is the most afraid to put it together with corrosive substances, because in this case, they will affect its use and may affect its viscosity. When we really use it, we find that it is not easy to stick.

The second trick to use is that when we open it, we must keep the veneer clean. If there are many substances on the veneer, it will cause small troubles in the process of use, such as poor adhesion, easy to fall off, etc.

The third technique is that when we paste, we must keep the surface clean and tidy. In this way, we can paste it better and give full play to its effect in the specific use process.

frontal tape

At present, magic tape has been widely used in all aspects of our life. Understanding its concept and usage skills will help people better use the frontal tape.


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