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Type of Spunbond Non Woven Fabric Finishing

The finishing of spunbond non woven fabric is to modify the product with appropriate methods after the fiber net of the production line is consolidated into cloth, so as to have specific functions. In a broad sense, spunbond non woven finishing technology includes: antistatic, barrier, liquid absorption, anti-aging, antifouling, antiskid, peeling, flame retardant, sanitary, aromatic, soft, shaping, singeing, calendering and other finishing and post-processing technologies (such as printing, punching, compounding, etc.) after fiber mesh is formed. Traditional finishing methods include chemical finishing with finishing agent and physical finishing without finishing agent. This paper introduces two types of "on-line finishing" and "off-line finishing" according to the placement position of the finishing device.



1.On-line finishing of spunbond non woven fabric

On-line finishing is to arrange the finishing equipment in the main process of the spunbond non woven fabric production line, that is, between the fiber net consolidation equipment and the winding machine, the finishing process is completed at one time with the product formation process.

The on-line finishing equipment is simple. It only needs supporting finishing agent application measures and drying devices. It is easy to operate and manage, with high product utilization rate and good sanitary conditions. However, the treatment process will interfere with the normal process. Affected by the drying capacity, it often needs to slow down the operation, and it is difficult to deal with products with large amount of liquid or long drying time.

spunbond non woven fabric

2.Off-line finishing of spunbond non woven fabric

Off-line finishing refers to the process of processing and finishing in another finishing production line after the spunbond non woven fabric is finished on the production line and left the production line.

For off-line finishing, in addition to one or more finishing agent application measures and drying devices, unwinding devices and winding devices shall also be added. Since the configuration is not limited by the site, the function is relatively complete, does not affect the operation of the original production line, and can realize product sorting with flexible and optimized process, so that the product quality can be guaranteed.

However, the off-line arrangement needs to occupy additional space, increase the staffing of posts, and the operation management is more complex. Due to repeated transshipment, raw materials are consumed greatly, and the probability of product pollution increases. Off line finishing is especially suitable for finishing products with large amount of liquid and long drying time.

spunbond non woven

With the increasingly fierce market competition of spunbond non woven fabric, finishing technology has been gradually promoted and applied in the industry, and has become an important technical means to improve product added value, avoid product homogenization competition and realize differentiation. Understanding the finishing types of spunbond non woven is conducive to its better development.


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