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Maintenance Specifications for Semi-Automatic Sanitary Napkin Equipment

During operation, semi-automatic sanitary napkin equipment needs regular maintenance, which should also be carried out in accordance with certain regulations to facilitate the operation of mechanical equipment. At the same time, maintenance should be carried out according to the relevant requirements of equipment safety technical performance, which can effectively ensure the durability of semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine and the maximum safety of personnel.



1.Daily maintenance of semi-automatic sanitary napkin equipment

The daily maintenance of semi-automatic sanitary napkin equipment should emphasize the awareness of equipment management, use and maintenance, strengthen the business and technical training of the working machine, improve the quality of operators, master the equipment functions as soon as possible, strictly implement the equipment operation and maintenance procedures, and ensure that the equipment operates under fair working conditions.

Routine maintenance of equipment also includes patrol inspection of equipment. Due to the improvement, complexity and intelligence of the equipment, its maintenance is much more complex than that of ordinary equipment. According to statistics, one third of the faults are caused by human beings, and the general maintenance (such as oiling, cleaning, inspection, etc.) is carried out by the operator.


2.The maintenance personnel of semi-automatic sanitary napkin equipment shall make daily inspection

The maintenance of semi-automatic sanitary napkin equipment is also the daily inspection of operators. The operator is the direct user of the staff. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the operator shall carry out the following items every day: check that all the protective plate staff correctly operate the housing and doors, enter each axis throughout the journey, observe whether the operation is stable, ensure that the limit switches of all axes operate normally, adjust to the corresponding limits, check whether the guide rail is scratched or excessively worn, check whether the guide rail washer is damaged, touch the guide rail, and check whether the lubrication is appropriate.


3.Specifications for semi-automatic sanitary napkin equipment

During the working process, there are many characteristic factors that affect the working machine. In addition to the factors of the material itself, it also plays an important role in the size, composition and thickness of the material itself. Therefore, there are many factors that affect the processing of plates by working machinery and equipment. Precise use of equipment is the key to reduce equipment failure and prolong service life. It plays a very important role in preventive maintenance.


We should actively prevent failures and accidents of semi-automatic sanitary napkin equipment. If any abnormality is found, it shall be solved in time. Only in this way can the fault be eliminated in the bud, so as to reduce all avoidable losses.


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