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Management Mode of Sanitary Pads Production Line

With the development of science and technology, sanitary pads production line presents the characteristics of diversified management and develops towards intelligence. It is necessary to further strengthen the management of sanitary pads production line, give full play to its efficiency, and improve the integrity and utilization of sanitary pads machine under the conditions of market economy. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the scientific management of equipment.



1.Standardized operation and scientific maintenance of sanitary pads production line

The correct maintenance and management of sanitary pads production line can not only ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment, but also promote the scientific management of the whole project, ensure the progress and quality, reduce costs and promote the stable growth of economic benefits. Use the equipment in strict accordance with the operating procedures and instructions of the equipment, pay equal attention to technology and discipline, implement the fixed machine, personnel and post responsibility system, adhere to the certificate, and prohibit non post personnel from operating. In order to eliminate all adverse factors of mechanical equipment safety and avoid accidents, safety education should be carried out in various forms to improve the ability of accident prediction, prevention and emergency response.

The cycle of daily routine check is determined according to the specific conditions of the equipment, and the standardized check is carried out in the form of daily routine check standardization to truly realize dynamic management. Practice has proved that most of the equipment failures can effectively prevent the occurrence of sudden failures if they can be found early in the daily inspection and measures can be taken in time. Reasonable maintenance of mechanical equipment is the fundamental guarantee of integrity, utilization and efficiency. If it is often found that oil is not a sign, oil is not a time and other unscientific practices, although the consequences will not be displayed immediately, it will seriously affect the effective life of the equipment, but also bury the hidden danger of sudden failure.


2.Specialization of management personnel of sanitary pads production line

The two main signs of rational use of sanitary pads production line are economy and efficiency, which depend on the scheme in the organizational design stage and the selection of specific models. That is to form a scientific and orderly mechanical equipment management system, determine the person in charge of the equipment and the professional technicians for the management posts required by the equipment, and improve the general fault and emergency response capacity. The operation of mechanical equipment is essentially the operation of capital, so it is very important to master the unit production and cost of equipment. Strengthen statistical management, conduct quantitative analysis and economic comparison, improve efficiency and reduce costs.


3.Select excellent management talents of sanitary pads production line

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, sanitary pads production line is also constantly updated. Its degree of automation will be higher and higher, and the technical content will be more and more important. It requires managers to carry out orderly and comprehensive management on the procurement, installation, maintenance and renewal of mechanical equipment., With brand-new ideas and brand-new ideas. Therefore, in order to fundamentally improve the professional and technical quality of all management and maintenance personnel, enterprises should go out and invite them for centralized training, strengthen technical training, select and cultivate a group of versatile talents who understand technology, management and accounting, so as to meet the needs of the future development of enterprises.


Therefore, regular inspection of sanitary pads production line is an important part of making maintenance plans. The technical condition of mechanical equipment shall be determined through necessary instruments and equipment, the performance of the machine shall be reduced, and the content and time of maintenance shall be determined.


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