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Recognize the "Breathable Film" of Sanitary Napkins——Breathable Film Backsheet

Breathable film backsheet (nanoscale porous permeable film) is a new type of sanitary napkin bottom membrane produced by nanotechnology, which is developed through special formula and stretch hole forming process. Breathable PE film is breathable, breathable, with high tensile strength and soft texture compared to normal sanitary napkin plastic film.



1.Brief introduction to breathable film backsheet

The new generation of breathable film backsheet takes PE as the carrier, adds a certain proportion of CaCO3 to form, and after stretching, the breathable membrane has a unique microporous structure. Each square centimeter of the film has thousands of nano-sized breathable pores. These high-density micropores with special structure distributed on the film can not only block liquid leakage, but also make water vapor molecules pass smoothly. Therefore, they have the functions of air permeability and water impermeability. They are called "breathable membranes", which will make the skin drier and more comfortable. At the same time, the breathable membrane also has the characteristics of soft, non-toxic, white and high purity.

breathable film backsheet

2.Why choose breathable film backsheet

At present, most sanitary napkins sold on the market widely use airtight bottom film. When wearing it, I feel like wearing a raincoat, which is humid and muggy, making people very uncomfortable. Some users will also have skin redness, allergies, eczema and other phenomena. Because the bottom membrane is airtight, women's private parts are wrapped in a closed environment for a long time. In addition, hundreds of millions of bacteria will breed in menstrual blood, which is easy to cause and aggravate women's gynecological diseases. So choosing a sanitary napkin with breathable film backsheet fits in with trends and trends in women's health.


3.Breathable film backsheet features

Compared with other airtight bottom films, the breathable film backsheet has the following characteristics:

1.Good air permeability: it has superior and uniform air permeability, effectively isolates water, and can discharge hot and wet gas in 3 seconds;

2.More skin friendly softness: it has an excellent hand feel, making you feel more soft and comfortable when using the sanitary napkin;

3.Best physical and mechanical properties: excellent tensile and elongation properties.

breathable PE film

As a new type of breathable and impermeable international polymer material, breathable film backsheet is more and more widely used in women's sanitary napkins due to its characteristics. Knowing about breathable PE film can help you better choose sanitary napkins.


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