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What is the Use of PE Film Packaging for Sanitary Napkins?

With the development and progress of the times, people's health awareness is gradually enhanced, and more and more sanitary products are invented. Sanitary napkin is an epoch-making invention to maintain women's physical health. It is known as one of the top ten inventions affecting human beings in the 20th century. This paper briefly introduces PE film packaging, one of the raw materials of sanitary napkins, and the role of PE wrapping film.



1.What is PE film packaging for sanitary napkins?

Sanitary napkins are divided into outer packaging and inner packaging.

The outer packaging is what we usually see. It can be plastic, carton or other materials. The function of outer packaging is to facilitate the transportation and storage of sanitary napkins.

Next, only some sanitary napkins were available in the past, but now they have gradually become the mainstream inner packaging, that is, when we open the outer packaging, we can see the packaging on each sanitary napkin, namely sanitary napkin PE film packaging. As the name suggests, it wraps the sanitary napkins.

PE film packaging

2.What is the use of PE film packaging for sanitary napkins?

Firstly, the existence of sanitary napkin PE film packaging improves the safety of sanitary napkins. Each sanitary napkin has been sterilized before leaving the factory. This membrane can prevent the sanitary napkin from contacting with the outside world, prevent bacterial invasion, and reduce the probability of female infection and inflammation. At the same time, it also avoids the invasion of mosquitoes. No one wants to use the sanitary napkin like opening a blind box. If you are eager to use the sanitary napkin and find a bug crawling on it and smiling at you, what do you think?

At the same time, it can also facilitate the storage and carrying of sanitary napkins. Many girls have the habit of storing sanitary napkins in the bathroom. In fact, it is not safe. Because in this way, water vapor may invade, making girls feel moist when using sanitary napkins, and may also lead to bacterial invasion. Also, for example, when going shopping and commuting, girls always have to prepare several sanitary napkins for use in their bags. If there is no package, they can directly put them in their bags. God knows how many things they will touch. Are you right?

Therefore, it exists mainly to keep the sanitary napkin sterile and safe before use.

PE wrapping film

As an epoch-making invention, sanitary napkin has been widely used in daily life. Understanding PE film packaging, one of the raw materials, and the role of PE wrapping film will help women better use sanitary napkins.


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