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Learn About Spandex Adhesive Used in Diapers

With the continuous development of diapers, the use of rubber and adhesives plays an indispensable role in promoting the latest trends. But not all adhesives have the same performance, and not all adhesives are suitable for rubber. Choosing the right diaper spandex adhesive can not only make consumers feel more secure in terms of side leakage protection, fit and privacy, but also help improve the operating efficiency of manufacturers and save production costs. This paper starts with the selection elements of hot melt adhesive used in diapers.



1.What are the main factors that affect the choice of spandex adhesive?

Choosing the right spandex adhesive for diapers is a very important decision, and many factors need to be considered. Specifically, factors such as the adaptability of various nozzles and ease of cleaning should be considered. Among them, the main factors to be considered are:

Creep properties. This property is usually used to measure the distance that the adhesive allows the rubber tendon to move under tension under specific conditions. The strong creep resistance can provide consumers with comfortable elasticity, so that the diaper can easily return to its original position when pulled, so as to prevent the rubber band from sliding or loosening, so as to prolong the effective service life of the rubber band of the diaper.

Shear strength. It measures the ability of the adhesive not to crack under lateral tension. Excellent shear strength can prevent the left and right sticking or the separation of rubber bands. For diapers used in hospitals, home care and other environments, nursing staff may use the side inserts of diapers to help lift and move patients. In this case, the failure of this ability may cause the product to be unusable and may cause harm to patients.

In addition, there are many other important factors to consider, including flexibility, cost, product design, specific manufacturing or production line settings, etc.

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2.Influence of production line parameters on spandex adhesive performance

If you want to achieve the best creep performance and shear strength, you must optimize the adhesive used in the production line. Temperature, adhesive amount, coating method and other factors will affect the adhesive adhesion and reasonable curing. If the conditions change or exceed the recommended value, spandex adhesive cannot give full play to its maximum potential.

Keeping appropriate parameters can also ensure the accuracy of the application mode and the beauty of the product, and minimize the blockage of the glue gun.

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With the development and progress of modern society, people's awareness of health is continuously enhanced, and the use of disposable sanitary products is becoming more and more common. Among them, the market penetration of diapers is rising. Pay attention to the development of diapers, it is inevitable to study spandex adhesive. Understanding the selection factors of hot melt adhesive that affect the use of diapers is conducive to its better development.


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